Full-Sized Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Mats

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Whenever we are asked what size mat someone should get, we always recommend a full-sized mat. Receiving full body therapy sessions is proven to be the most effective method for your overall wellbeing. There are three different types of full-sized mats. The standard full-sized model has the dimension of 72” x 24” and at 6 feet long; it is large enough for most people. The Full Mat Short is made for people that are shorter than 5’5” tall and the Full Mat Pro Plus is intended for healthcare professionals. The Pro Plus fits perfectly on a massage table so it can easily be integrated into treatment sessions. All full-sized models provide hot stone therapy, far infrared rays, and negative ions. Some of them have large gemstones and others have crushed gemstones for enhanced comfort. Other models, like the TAJ and TAO, implement the advanced natural therapies known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and photon light therapy. In total, full-sized mats offer a range of 3-5 therapies at the same time depending on the model. A user of a full-sized mat can experience many benefits in the form of muscle relaxation, joint pain relief, arthritis relief, the alleviation of symptoms of depression, improvements in your sleep, faster recovery, and higher energy levels. If you want to give your body the experience it deserves, then you need a full-sized mat.