Pebble JT Series Far Infrared Rays (FIR) Mats

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JT mats combine the benefits of jade and tourmaline, two natural gemstones that excel in providing wellness benefits when working in tandem. The jade stones are natural and mined in China. The tourmaline is actually a tourmaline ceramic. Natural black tourmaline is too fragile in its natural state. By combining it with ceramic, we make it much more durable and it also increases its output of negative ions. Both of these stones are about 1” in diameter, round, and smooth so that when you lie on them, you will feel them press into your skin. The body and your muscles will experience a relaxing and tension-relieving sensation as a result of this heated impact. This experience can be firm for some, and so we recommend that you try covering the mat with a cotton cover or blanket. This addition will help improve the comfort of each session and also trap the heat to help the mat reach its maximum temperature. JT mats are available in the full spectrum of sizes. There are small and medium mats for targeting smaller areas of the body, full-sized models for full body therapy sessions, and even car model that can be used on-the-go while traveling or commuting. Combine jade and tourmaline and wellness benefits that will have a lasting impact on the way you feel each day.