JT Mesh Series Far Infrared Rays (FIR) Mats

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JT Mesh mats have been a long time best seller for HealthyLine. The mesh material is used to hold the gemstones in place, but at the same, time it increases the flexibility of the devices allowing for it to be used in unconventional ways. Just like the normal JT series, these mats have larger gemstones and provide the same pressure impact experience as hot stone therapy spa sessions. You get a deep relaxing heat experience that loosens muscles and calms the mind. The JT mesh series is one of the most versatile series because it comes in a huge range of model sizes that accommodate every conceivable use for a gemstone therapy mat. You have the typical small, medium, full, and extra large that most series have. The key difference is that there is also King and Queen sized models that cover the entire surface of mattresses for easier use overnight. The two most popular models, Full and Medium, also come in a light version. This light version functions as a great introductory model because it has a slightly lower price tag without losing any noticeable benefits. Choosing the JT mesh series is a no-brainer. It was and continues to be the most popular model without the addition of advanced therapies of PEMF and photon lights.