Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Shoulder Covers

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If you are suffering from constant chest or back pain that you just can’t seem to get rid of no matter what, then exploring a shoulder model may provide the relief that you so desperately seek. One of the only variations of the Inframat Pro that you can wear, shoulder models wraps your body in a hug of deep penetrating far infrared waves. The area that the heat touches will undergo a temporary increase in blood circulation that alleviates pressure in the joints and discomfort in the muscles. Having the ability to wear the vest around your body makes it an incredibly versatile product to use. You can wear it while you workout, watch TV, or wheel you go about your daily routine at home. Relaxing your muscles can do wonders for the way you feel each day. To make the experience more efficient, there is a version of the Amethyst vest that has the added bonus of photon light therapy. This advanced therapy pair perfectly with the vest because it requires direct contact with the skin to make a real difference. Five LEDs emit visible red light into the back of your neck to improve the functionality of your cells. Use a Shoulder model to chip away at the years of built up stress and tension in your neck, back, shoulders, and chest. Be your own chiropractor and manage your pain the natural way.