Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Belts

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HealthyLine produces three variations of the belt model – one for each of our main gemstones. The jade and tourmaline models utilize large polished stones, whereas the amethyst belts consist entirely of crushed gemstones. With the first type, you get an acupressure experience that wraps and presses into your abdomen and lower back to alleviate pain and tension. The crushed gemstones create a softer surface that wraps around the contours of the body easily. It also allows for the inclusion of photon light LEDs that provide supplemental support from an advanced natural therapy in the form of detoxification and removal of excess waste. When you wrap a deep penetrating heat therapy device around your waist, the far infrared rays pulsate through your core to accelerate the blood flow in the contacted area. Your body’s natural ability to manage stomach cramps, discomfort, soreness, and more can improve dramatically. Consistent heat exposure will make you sweat substantially around the waste causing you to eliminate excess water retention that can lead to the loss of some weight. While belts are not ideal for sleeping or lying on, they are an example of one of our designs that fill a niche need. Using a model designated to a specific area of the body is the best way to focus recovery where you know that your body desperately needs it.