HealthyLine Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat Used by Spa Professionals Now Available for Purchase on for Luxurious At-Home Spa Experience

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New York – August 27, 2020 – HealthyLine, the world’s leading provider of far infrared heat therapy mats, announced today that one of the compa

ny’s most popular products used by spa and wellness professionals, the TAJ 7224 gemstone heat therapy mat, is now available on goop, the well-known lifestyle brand and curated shop that features cutting edge wellness advice and beauty, wellness and lifestyle products.

Filled with all-natural amethyst, tourmaline and jade gemstones, the TAJ 7224 allows consumers to bring a relaxing luxury spa experience into their own home. The mat’s combination of five natural therapies – hot stones, far-infrared light, photon LED red light, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), and negative ions –promote overall wellness for the mind and body. Together, these therapies can offer temporary alleviation of minor joint and muscle pain while helping to improve overall wellness, muscle relaxation, acceleration of tissue growth and improved energy, sleep quality and blood circulation. The mat was recently featured as a “Summer at Home” must-have and is available for purchase on for anyone looking for an at-home spa experience while many spas and wellness businesses remain closed or under service restrictions.

“We are thrilled to be part of the goop community, especially because of our shared values and commitment to cultivating products that are backed by our continued belief in natural wellness,” said Lindsay Griesbach, Director of Brand Development & Strategic Partnerships at HealthyLine. “Through partner connections like goop, we are able to reach new audiences and create connections with community members who share our same goals.”

The TAJ 7224 is now available on for $1,049. For more information about HealthyLine and their products, please visit


About HealthyLine

Started in 2013 by a team of doctors, inventors and entrepreneurs with the goal of creating high-quality, yet affordable medical heat therapy mats, HealthyLine is now the world’s leading provider of heated natural gemstone mats. HealthyLine products include a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and high-quality natural materials to provide the best possible natural gemstones and far infrared heat therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and photon light therapy with the aim of temporarily relieving pain, increasing relaxation and improving overall wellness. In addition to heat therapy products, the company also offers a line of magnet-powered jewelry and tourmaline energy Bedding with Benefits®, designed to promote overall user health. HealthyLine products are on display in their New York City showroom located in Midtown Manhattan. For more information, please visit

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