Premium 5-Year Accidental Protection Plan


HealthyLine offers customers the option to purchase a Premium 5-Year Accidental Coverage Plan (further: Accident Plan). This plan can be purchased for 15% of the retail price at the time of purchase or within 60 days of placing an order. The Accident Plan protects against accidental damage during normal use. This includes scratches, wetness, sweat, water damage, pet damage, dirt, burns, or extensive use leading to malfunction. Intentional damage is not protected by the Accident Plan. This plan also covers stolen items (verifiable police report required).

In the case in which an accident occurs with your product, you should first contact a HealthyLine support representative. You will be asked to describe the situation and to provide your order number or any valid proof of purchase for your product. If you purchased the Accident Plan within 60 days after initially ordering your product, please provide the order confirmation for that purchase as well. All replacements covered by the Accident Plan are subject to a 20% deductible cost of the retail price. Customers are responsible for shipping costs both ways.

Please note: Accident Plans are only available for non-discontinued items within the following series: TAO, TAJ, Rainbow Chakra 3rd Edition, Amethyst, SOFT, Mesh, Platinum, and 360 Wrap Set series.

Please refer to the following terms and conditions related to the Premium 5-Year Accident Coverage Plan:

  • Accident Plans cost 15% of the retail price of any product. Coupon codes or discounts cannot be applied to Accident Plans.
  • If purchasing an Accident Plan within 60 days of placing an order, please click this link. It is required to choose the correct product and to provide documentation of your receipt associated with the product you are purchasing the Accident Plan for.
  • Accident Plans must be individually purchased for separate products if your order contains more than one item. Example: if you are purchasing 2 infrared gemstone mats and choose to purchase the Accident Plan, it will only cover 1 mat. If you’d like both mats to be covered by the Accident Plan, you would need to include 2 Accident Plans in your cart.
  • Accident Plans can only be purchased for orders made on and not through any other vendor or distributor.
  • Accident Plans are void after 2 replacements during coverage period.
  • If your product experiences a manufacturing defect covered by the 5-Year Limited Warranty, any potential deductible fees will be covered if you purchased an Accident Plan. Please note this only applies to a customer’s first replacement under the 5-Year Warranty; if their product encounters another manufacturing defect, the Accident Plan will not cover the deductible fee.