Learn more about the differences between PEMF and RIFE and which is the better wellness option

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy has been studied in order to understand its impact on the body. Because of the use of electromagnetic fields, PEMF therapy has drawn comparisons with other similar forms of therapy. One of these forms of therapy is known as RIFE. Here we will discuss how the RIFE machine came to be, how it is meant to be used, and how it compares to the use of PEMF therapy.

Origins of the RIFE Machine

It was originally thought that a RIFE machine would be able to directly impact and eliminate cancer cells

The RIFE machine was invented in the 1920s by an American scientist named Royal Raymond Rife. Rife created the machine as a way to combat bacteria and disease. It was Rife’s belief that most illnesses stemmed from bacteria. This idea, paired with the work of scientist Albert Abrams (who believed that diseases created electromagnetic frequencies) is what gave birth to the idea of the RIFE machine.

Rife created the RIFE machine for the purpose of eliminating cancer. The machine was intended to identify and root out cancer cells with electromagnetic waves. However, the American Cancer Society disproved the RIFE machine’s cancer elimination ability through their own studies. According to their findings, the waves produced by a RIFE machine were too weak to destroy bacteria.

Further research would be necessary to substantiate the claims of low energy waves being used for cancer treatment. One study found that a small number of individuals with a particular form of liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) had their cancer cells affected by low-frequency waves while leaving normal cells unaffected.

What Does a RIFE Machine Do

A traditional RIFE machine is generally used a few times a week and for a few minutes each session. A patient has electrical pads attached to their hands and feet through which electric pulses are sent. The idea behind the treatment is to destroy cancerous and/or diseased cells through these sessions. 

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF works internally and on a molecular level to promote wellness within the body

PEMF therapy is an abbreviation for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Since cells give off magnetic fields on their own, the theory is that they can be manipulated through the use of PEMF therapy. This form of therapy has temporary effects on the body, allowing for increased levels of health and wellness when used regularly. This can include the management of pain, swelling, and inflammation within the body. PEMF therapy has often been recognized as a health-conscious replacement for over-the-counter drugs due to the lack of side effects from use.  

Through various forms of research, PEMF therapy has been shown to help manage pain, swelling, and decrease inflammation found in the body. The same levels of therapy have shown the ability to temporarily improve circulation, energy levels, and cellular metabolism. Studies have also shown that individuals suffering from specific types of muscle and joint pains have experienced varying levels of relief when given pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. 

Comparing PEMF and RIFE

PEMF and RIFE have their similarities, but they are very different as well.

Both RIFE machines and PEMF therapy look to heal the body in an invasive way. Both forms of treatment look to increase wellness through the use of electromagnetic pulses. However, PEMF therapy has found its usefulness in managing pain, inflammation, and swelling within the body. RIFE machines have yet to show that they can have a positive effect on cancerous tissue. If anything, the use of a RIFE machine pales in comparison to traditional cancer treatments.

PEMF therapy has not been found to eliminate the underlying causes of pain and inflammation, but rather to help manage them while improving the body’s natural method of healing itself. Various studies have yet to find that a RIFE machine can cure cancer by influencing the cancerous cells in a body.

What are the Associated Risks with RIFE and PEMF?

While there haven’t been any serious side effects associated with RIFE or PEMF, some have complained about shocks and/or rashes developing from RIFE machine use.

With any available treatment, side effects are always a hot, and important, topic of discussion. However, PEMF therapy use has yet to produce any negative side effects, making its use a welcome addition (or substitution) for pain management. 

RIFE machines don’t have a lot of reported side effects from prolonged use. While there haven’t been any real detrimental effects linked to the use of these machines, a few reports of rashes and shocks from use have been disclosed.

Is there a Clear Choice Between the Two Treatments

Are there enough similarities between RIFE and PEMF for there to be a choice between them?

While there may be a use for RIFE machines given time and research, there have been no studies that have substantiated the claims that state RIFE machines can cure cancer. On the other hand, PEMF therapy has shown great promise in managing pain, handling swelling, and inflammation. 

One of the biggest issues with RIFE machines, and with RIFE treatment in general, is that the constant claims towards curing cancer without proof might stop people from getting effective cancer treatments that could save their lives. While radiation and chemotherapy can result in terrible side effects and may drive people to look for alternate forms of treatment, there has been no study to prove that RIFE machines can be a suitable replacement.

PEMF Devices vs RIFE Devices

Know everything there is to know about devices that utilize PEMF therapy and RIFE technology

Even though there are no studies in existence to prove the effectiveness of a RIFE machine in certain circumstances, you will still find them for sale at expensive prices. RIFE treatments are not recognized by medical insurance and are not covered. This means you might end up spending thousands of dollars on a device that might not even produce the outcomes you need it to.

PEMF therapy can be delivered in the form of a natural therapy mat. Unlike RIFE devices which send pulses through certain parts of your body, a PEMF therapy mat can ensure better, full-body saturation, allowing for greater levels of health and wellness within the body. 

HealthyLine offers PEMF mats that compliment pulsed electromagnetic fields with four other natural therapies to create an environment of wellness that promotes a better quality of life. The Platinum Mat™ Full 7224 Firm – Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro® is a perfect example of a mat delivering various natural forms of wellness in one convenient package. 

The Platinum Mat™ Full 7224 Firm - Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro® offers the highest quality in wellness design and implementation

The Platinum Mat™ 7224 is one of the most technologically advanced offerings HealthyLine has on the market. You have the opportunity to personalize your wellness session with the included PEMF programming controller. With this level of wellness customization, you can directly influence the frequency, waveform, pulse duration, intensity, and time allotment. You can easily use the Platinum Mat™ 7224 while stretching on the floor, while getting a good night’s rest, or while receiving a massage. 

In Conclusion

PEMF and RIFE might seem similar at first, but with the lack of evidence in the benefit of using RIFE machines, PEMF therapy is the clear-cut choice when choosing an alternative healing solution. HealthyLine and PEMF therapy provide you with a natural, safe way to manage pain, inflammation, and swelling.

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