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PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.

This expanding treatment approach addresses health issues with electromagnetic wave pulses.

There has been quite a bit of skepticism regarding this technology because so many people believe the various PEMF therapy myths and do not understand the basic concept of the therapy.

For these reasons, the internet has contained a lot of conflicting information.

Anyone researching PEMF will find a wide variety of confusing information on different forums and sites.

This makes the wariness of the potential users of this technology understandable.

If you are confused, this article is the right place to begin.

This article will discuss the myths regarding PEMF therapy and explain why they are not based on facts.

This will assist you in understanding PEMF technology and enable you to make the right decision.


The Ideal Waveform, Intensity, and Frequency

The three most important aspects of a PEMF device you should be looking for as a user or a buyer are the waveform, intensity, and frequency.

The majority of devices have a range that enables you to set your specific preference for these three factors.

Some devices provide pre-set combinations to ensure you receive the maximum benefits.

Your specific benefits are dependent on the health outcome you are looking for.

The most important point is to remember the upper and lower limits for all three components.

In most cases, a greater range provides you with more exercise choices.

The ultimate solution for your specific health problems is found in the ideal waveform, intensity, and frequency.

These are marketed by both internet authorities and PEMF companies.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

You can evaluate the available options and pinpoint the right settings in each range most likely to provide the result you desire.

It is important to realize there is no answer that will be effective for every purpose or for every individual.

Questionable logic is often used to offer an easy answer.

This might not get you what you hope to achieve.

To debunk the PEMF therapy myths, all three components will be explained in full detail.


The Frequency

The term frequency is often associated with terms such as earth-based and natural.

These terms are often misrepresented as facts.

The issue with this is the range of electromagnetic frequencies is extremely wide.

These are the frequencies people on the earth are naturally exposed to.

You experience different waves for every second you live to support your existence in one way or another.

Sound waves are also considered mechanical waves and need a medium such as air molecules to travel.

There is a limit to the types of frequencies a person is able to hear.

Within this range, the human ear is always being exposed to many different frequencies.

Different musician notes and voices both have different frequencies.

Despite the fact light waves are electromagnetic, no medium is necessary for them to travel.

In the frequency range for visible light, a spectrum of colors exists will differing wavelengths and frequencies.

Every time you look at the color red, it is translated into a low-frequency wave by your eyes.

When your eyes see the color violet, it is translated into a significantly higher frequency wave by your eyes.

This is how you unknowingly interact with so many of the different electromagnetic frequency waves on a daily basis.

This means making the assumption the only frequencies that are earth-based are the low frequencies is incorrect.

A good example is a hype regarding the Schumann resonances.

These resonances are in the ELF or extremely low frequency and VLF or very low-frequency ranges when using the electromagnetic spectrum.

The peaks are at 33.8 Hz, 27.3 Hz, 20.8 Hz, 14.3 Hz, and 7.83 Hz.

The Schumann resonance peaks can change as time passes because the ionosphere’s electric charge changes with the lighting.

The fundamental response is considered 7.83 Hz.

This is often referred to as the heartbeat of the earth.

This is believed to be the frequency all of the cells incline towards.

What is not always specified is that 7.83 Hz is nothing more than the physical realities associated with the atmosphere.

This includes the density of the ionosphere, the cavity in between the ionosphere and the planet, and the size of the planet.

The earth itself is not affected by this number.

The life held by the earth is also not impacted.

This is actually a very small portion of the number of electromagnetic radiation humans are exposed to every day.

A good example is radiation emitted by the sun.

This is important for your well-being.

This is the reason when a marketer states the Schumann frequency in a PEMF device is better than the others, this is not quite the truth.

The main reason you should not believe this attempt to make a profit is because it appeals to the human need for idealism and uses scientific lingo.

In truth, it does not really make sense.

The real truth regarding frequencies is in most cases there are more benefits for the lower-end frequencies.

Frequencies between two and fifty Hz have been shown to be consistently effective for numerous benefits including tumor inhibition and healing bones.

Different areas of the body respond with varied enthusiasm regarding the same frequencies.

This means there is no single point that can provide the best frequency for every possible health outcome including 7.38 Hz.

It does not matter which frequency you use because there will be some degree of improvement in your overall health.

When the frequency is changed throughout your sessions to the desired range, it will most likely result in the highest level of improvement possible.

This being said, it is also important to remember a high-frequency PEMF is not any more dangerous in regards to your health than the lower frequencies.

Even a PEMF device emitting an extremely high frequency will emit waves with a lower maximum frequency than many machines including an MRI.

High-frequency sessions work very well for certain health conditions including eating, mood, and OCD disorders.

Everybody part has a biological window.

What you want to achieve from PEMF therapy must be incorporated into which frequencies are used during your sessions.


The Intensity

There is another popular theory much like the frequency myth.

Internet experts and marketers say the wave intensity emitted by PEMF therapy should remain low so it can mimic the waves of the earth.

This theory ignores an important physics law.

The power per unit or the intensity of the wave decreases along with the distance.

This means if the intensity of the wave emitted by the PEMF device is weak, by the time it is able to pass through your cells, it will have further decreased.

This does not mean there are not benefits to the low intensities.

It means when the intensity is increased, microcirculation and blood oxygenation will definitely improve.

There is a lot of research showing PEMF devices using a higher intensity are more effective for various issues including deep-tissue healing and inhibiting cancer.

Even if the higher intensity is being used for preventing illnesses or an improvement in general health, there are benefits including no negative side effects.

Once again, a PEMF device emits waves with a lower intensity than an MRI machine.

Research has demonstrated over and over again that there is no risk to the user when the intensity is increased.

There may be some truth in high-intensity PEMF costing more than the lower intensity.

Unless you are only interested in mild benefits regarding your general health, purchasing a high-intensity device is a valuable investment.

The waves are more powerful and the largest amount of energy possible is received by all the tissues.

If the cells in your body are superfluous, they will simply not take in any additional energy.

There will be no excessive charge received by your cells when the wave passes through.


The Waveform

Waves come in a lot of different forms.

Even the experts are still debating which form is superior.

The majority of PEMF systems use square waves, sawtooth waves, or sinusoidal waves.

In addition to these, they are waves of many shapes including random waves, ramp waves triangles, and rectangles.

Clinical research has studied the efficacy of PEMF therapy for numerous health issues.

The majority of this research shows all the different types of waveforms can be beneficial for the human mind and body to different degrees.

There is no such thing as an essential waveform for providing better results during your sessions.

Specialists and PEMF producers often tout the square wave.

This is especially true of the NASA square wave.

Although there is proof square waves are more useful for specific health issues like cancer, this does not mean they are the best for every condition.

After the initial experiment, the NASA square wave was never again replicated in the same form.

The other square waves all have differences in one way or another.

This can be seen through careful enhancements and alterations.

The sawtooth wave is a good alternative. It usually ramps upwards prior to a sharp droop.

It is believed when a wave has a harsher shape, it benefits the energy of the cell and causes the most change.

There is an opposite reason sine waves are believed to be effective.

The wave has a smooth shape which is thought to resonate well with the natural waveforms emitted and received by humans.

This encourages the cells to accept the radiation better.

Both claims are backed with substantial evidence.

The most important point is different waveforms all benefit people in different ways and to different degrees.

This is the reason you should do your research prior to selecting your desired waveform.

By considering what your PEMF goals are, you can choose the right waveform for your specific needs.


The Coils

There are misconceptions regarding specific copper coils.

One of these myths is they conduct a better electromagnetic field than certain other coils.

The biggest myth states less adulterated, purer waves are produced by uninsulated copper ring coils than copper mesh coils with insulation.

The main reason for this is the term wire mesh is often used by PEMF systems.

This leads to the assumption the mesh is not copper.

The truth is no other natural mesh is suitable for this purpose.

A wire mesh is either some type of copper alloy or copper itself even if it is in a different format.

A pure electromagnetic field is achieved from either form.

This means there is no reason to eliminate the devices with entirely mesh coils.

The difference between the two can best be seen in the durability and cost of the device.

Mesh is more likely to burn out as well as being cheaper.

Other than this, they are both suitable for PEMF use.


The Treatment Protocol for PEMF

Another interesting fact that should be considered is that not every individual has the same response to PEMF sessions.

This makes the popular idea that an eight-minute session should be used two times per day not entirely accurate.

The idea is when just one pulsing frequency is used, several sessions should be conducted daily for a minimum of eight to fifteen minutes.

This is due to the fact your cells are able to adapt to a single frequency after a period of continuous exposure.

The exposure time must be broken down for more efficacy.

This also means if the frequency is changed during the session, the sessions will be longer but fewer.

It is important to understand when PEMF is repeated over a long period of time, the risk factor does not increase.

There have been studies conducted using healthy participants receiving thousands of pulses during a period of one year or longer.

All of these studies concluded that exposure did not result in any adverse effects.

Since peer-reviewed and scientific evidence shows that PEMF therapy is safe for long periods, there is no reason not to design a treatment protocol for yourself based on both your expectations and your needs.

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