PEMF therapy can be especially effective for dealing with muscle pain, swelling, inflammation.


Getting scrapes and bruises is a part of life. Who hasn’t scraped or bruised their skin at least once in their life? In some cases, the damaged skin heals so well you can’t even see a scar. But sometimes the damage leaves a scar that stays with you forever. Most wounds heal without a problem, but some wound healing is a much more serious issue. For example, wounds that result from surgery require more care and attention. It’s important for the body to heal properly following surgery. And it’s also likely that larger scars can develop following a surgery. Research into PEMF therapy and wound healing suggest that maybe PEMF aids healing.

What Causes Wounds?

Wounds result after the skin undergoes some sort of damage. Normally, the skin protects the body’s internal organs from damage. But sometimes the damage is so great that the skin suffers visible damage. This is most often caused by surgical procedures, a cut, a burn, a sharp blow, a scrape, or exposure to extreme cold or hot temperatures.

Different Types of Wounds

Some wounds are acute, and some wounds are chronic. Acute wounds are those that heal fast without complications. Chronic wounds are the opposite, as they take longer to heal and often cause complications. A wound is considered chronic if it takes more than 3 months to completely heal. There are also open and closed wounds. An open wound exposes internal organs and tissue. But closed wounds are ones in which only the top layer of skin is damaged. A wound can also become infected, which makes healing much more difficult. Wounds are caused by external or internal damage. Conditions such as an impaired immune system can cause the body to develop sores and wounds. Those wounds are caused by internal forces. But wounds caused externally happen because something has damaged the skin.

Wound Healing in Phases

Wounds don’t heal overnight. There are three phases a wound must undergo before healing is complete. First, the inflammatory phase occurs. This is when the body first responds to the damage. The body forms a clot in an effort to close the wound. It then increases blood flow to the area to aid in the healing process. Second, the proliferation phase occurs. During this phase is when the body rebuilds the wound tissue. The cells regenerate and new blood vessels are formed. Maturation is the final phase in wound healing. This is when the area is healed and the wound has closed. The skin and damage have completely healed at his point.

The Significance of PEMF Therapy and Wound Healing

Not all wounds require the same type of treatment. Some wounds require serious medical attention. But others can heal on their own with very little treatment. What all wounds have in common is the need for cleaning. Infection is a possibility when a wound is allowed to get dirty. Plain soap and water or alcohol are popular for disinfecting wounds. Some wounds also require antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, and painkillers. Some research suggests that PEMF therapy can also aid in the healing process. Unlike medications, PEMF is non-addictive and has no side effects.

Can PEMF Therapy Help Heal Wounds?

There is still much research required. But early studies suggest that PEMF can possibly aid in the healing process. Some studies involving skin ulcers and chronic wounds have shown favorable results. Therapy can possibly help with acute wounds, but more research is needed. PEMF is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. It involves using energy waves to treat areas of the body. It’s believed that this energy, when directed at the body, stimulates cells and promotes healing. Some research suggests that energy waves increase collagen production, which speeds up wound healing. Early research also suggests that PEMF therapy creates new blood vessels and improves circulation. This increases the nutrients and oxygen to the wounded area. This is also believed to possibly prevent infection. PEMF therapy affects the entire body. This is beneficial because a healthy body heals faster. And with PEMF working on a cellular level, it helps the entire body repair itself. Studies suggest that this therapy can accelerate wound healing. Some results of recent studies suggest that this therapy can provide the following benefits:

  • Increase in collagen production
  • Increased production of fibroblasts and hyaluronic acid
  • The healing that is 25 to 30 percent faster than usual
  • Increased stem cell production
  • Improved strength and elasticity
  • Faster healing of wounds following surgery

Wound Healing Research

There has been research into how PEMF affects living organisms. Two studies took place in Hong Kong. One study occurred at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, and the second study occurred at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. More studies are needed to explore the effects of PEMF therapy on the human body. But early studies on rats show favorable results. A 2014 study on diabetic rats showed that PEMF encouraged early wound healing and an increase in myofibroblast production. Diabetic wounds are slow to heal, if at all. This is attributed to reduced collagen production. During the study, several tests were done using diabetic rats and PEMF therapy. The rats were divided into two groups. And a portion of skin was then removed from each rat to form a wound. The group of rats exposed to one hour of PEMF therapy per day showed increased speeds of healing. The rats that received no treatment healed at a normal rate. However, the study showed that PEMF had no effect on late-stage healing. Results also showed that the rats in the PEMF group had increased levels of myofibroblasts. t’s also important to note that the tests were performed 7 and 10 days after the wounds were received.

What the Results Mean for Overall Healing

The results suggest that PEMF does increase the number of myofibroblasts in wound tissue. And myofibroblasts are believed to contribute to wound closure in diabetic patients. More research is needed to verify these early findings. And more research is also needed on human patients. But early findings suggest that PEMF therapy can possibly work well with other methods of wound healing. Any patient interested in PEMF therapy should talk with their doctor first. In order to receive the benefits of therapy, PEMF should be done daily over a period of time.

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