The Mesh Series has been a long-time favorite and is best for those just starting off with far infrared gemstone mats. Each model consists of hand-crafted jade and tourmaline gemstones that cover the entire surface of the mat. Tourmaline emits the highest level of negative ions for an energizing and rejuvenating effect. Along with negative ions, the gemstones also release far infrared rays when heated for relaxation to the mind and body. Because of its straightforward design, it is also flexible and versatile than other series, letting you place it over furniture or store it conveniently when not in use.
The SOFT Series is ideal for those whose comfort is of paramount importance. Each mat is filled from edge to edge with crushed amethyst, jade, and tourmaline gemstones to create a comfortable surface for your body to lie on. The SOFT Series has a straightforward design that combines hot gemstone, far infrared, and negative ion therapies. These therapies provide relaxation to muscles, can assist in detoxification, enhance energization, and more. Because it is soft and flexible, this series also makes it easy to transport your mat while on the go and store easily when you are not using it.
The TAO Series is our only to feature a combination of either 3, 4, or 5 therapies in one mat to ensure that everyone can find what they are looking for. Included is the TAO 1818, our best-seller that is perfect for targeting the body with 3 therapies and on-the-go relief. All other mats in the TAO series feature PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic fields, for overall improvements to health and wellness as well as providing a grounding effect for the mind and body. This series is also the only to include our Photon Light Matrix, a more condensed and targetable arrangement of Photon lights for powerful results.
Combining 5 therapies in one mat, the TAJ Series is the ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive wellness experience. The surface of each mat consists of a comprehensive assortment of gemstones including crushed amethyst gemstones as well as round jade and tourmaline crystals to provide a . Each TAJ Mat includes hot gemstone, far infrared, negative ion, and photon light therapies as well as PEMF for those looking to get the most from their mat. The TAJ series also has the most dynamic range of sizes, from small and targetable pads to mats that cover the entirety of a king-sized bed and everything in between.
The Rainbow Chakra Series is the only of its kind in the world to offer numerous natural therapies with 7 gemstones to balance the 7 chakras within. Each edition builds upon the last, starting with the first edition which includes hot gemstones, far infrared rays, negative ions, and PEMF. The series culminates with the Rainbow Chakra 3rd Edition models that offer not just all the features included in the first and second edition models, but also our signature rainbow colored LED lights to enhance skin health and reinforce the chakra healing aspects. If you’re looking for not just physical and mental improvements, but spiritual as well, then the Rainbow Chakra Series is the solution for you.
The Platinum Series is the ideal series for those who won’t settle for anything other than the best. It features hot gemstone, far infrared, negative ion, and photon light therapies – but the true magic lies within its advanced PEMF. With it, you can fully customize the PEMF wave to create over 300 billion combinations, allowing you to tailor PEMF to your health and wellness needs. The Platinum Series also includes the most exclusive, luxurious, and beautiful infrared gemstone mat ever conceived, the Platinum Aura Mat. This mat is the only in the entire world to utilize the astronomical power of amethyst aura gemstones which undergo a delicate and intricate treatment process, letting you achieve a state of health and wellness previously unheard of.
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