Natural Stone Therapy Benefits

Have you ever dreamt of a natural remedy that will cure a wide range of physical and mental issues? The cure could grow out of your backyard! Natural stone remedies assist with a wide range of issues such as muscle tension, mental disorders, and blood ailments. Stones such as jade, amethyst and tourmaline target a wide variety of issues that will improve your overall health.

HealthyLine understands the benefits of natural stones. This is why all HealthyLine mats have stones. HealthyLine uses a combination of amethyst, jade, and tourmaline. These stones accentuate the benefits of far infrared rays and negative ions. The mats are heated with far infrared rays or FIR. The positive feeling you receive when you’re out in the sun is because of FIR. These are the rays that give life — this is why you feel good when you feel the heat of the sun. FIR can only be felt in the form of radiant heat and cannot be seen. Natural stones disperse FIR in a slow and evenly manner. The benefits of FIR combined with natural stone therapy will give you an abundance of health benefits.

Negative ions will increase positive health even further. These are often found in nature, usually in a setting of a waterfall or after a thunderstorm. They are molecules with a positive charge, making you feel good. Negative ions produce cell regeneration, which benefits you on a wide scale of health issues. This occurs by removing positive ions, which are ions with a negative charge. We often get these ions by a combination of harmful EMF radiation from cell phones and computers, as well as from pollution in our environment. Natural stones such as tourmaline naturally produce negative ions. When cells are created with a positive molecule charge, they benefit our bodies by multiplying and destroying any cells that can cause us harm. Combine this with FIR, and you’ll have an overall feeling of vitality.

One of the main benefits of natural stone therapy is pain alleviation. When you lay directly on a HealthyLine mat, you’ll immediately feel FIR that penetrates deep through the skin. When FIR enters your skin, the rays have direct contact with your tissues. This includes benefits to your muscles and bones. The healing properties of natural stone exemplify these benefits, targeting pain right at the source. HealthyLine mats will especially benefit those with back pain. The best solution is sleeping on a HealthyLine mat. The heat will immediately penetrate your back muscles, and the natural stone therapy will work its wonders on repairing those muscles. This helps relieve muscle tension and strains on all levels. Whether you have chronic pain or muscle spasms, your muscular system will be restored and improved. If you’re a woman, natural stone therapy helps to control menstrual symptoms such as cramps. Since your bones are also benefitted, pain in your joints is also alleviated. This results in better flexibility in your muscles and joints, along with improved mobility.

Another benefit from natural stones is an increase in blood circulation. Since negative ions incite cell regeneration, this affects your body on every level. Negative ions help to improve and multiple your red and white blood cell count. Negative ions work with FIR, which expands your blood vessels. This helps to detoxify your system, cleansing toxins out of your blood and allowing nutrients and oxygen to run throughout your bloodstream.

With the flow of oxygen and nutrients, every aspect of your body will be improved. Since your body is connected by blood and tissues, the functions of your vital organs will improve. Everything from your skin to your tissues will receive these benefits. The nutrients and oxygen will transport to your essential organs, allowing your body’s natural healing process to improve. This is why HealthyLine mats are also beneficial to your immune system. If you’re already suffering from a sickness, these mats will help alleviate those symptoms and promote recovery. Your body will repair itself from damage and will prevent sickness and disease.

While the long-term benefits are tremendous, you’ll first experience the short-term benefits. One of the first short-term factors you’ll experience is better sleep. Whether you suffer from insomnia or fatigue, natural stone therapy will assist with developing a regular sleep schedule. Sleeping with HealthyLine’s mat is the perfect start. The heat will relax your mind and your muscles, and you’ll immediately fall asleep. You’ll feel you have better energy. A gratifying sense of health will leave you with optimum vitality.

With the combination of short and long term benefits, living a healthy lifestyle will come at ease. With the improved function of your organs and the energy you’re gaining, your metabolism will increase. Weight loss is a common result from using HealthyLine mats. With weight loss, you’ll adapt to a diet and exercise regimen easier. Diet and exercise plus regular use on the mat will surely assist you with your weight loss goals.

HealthyLine mats are perfect for meditation. Natural stones have therapeutic properties: jade helps tap into the unconscious, tourmaline helps promote creativity and amethyst promotes a calming sensation. Feeling FIR will allow you to slip easily into a meditative state; the heat isn’t too overwhelming and will penetrate your muscles, allowing your mind to clear with ease. When you emerge from the meditative state, you’ll immediately have a better mood and a focused mental state. Long-term meditating on a HealthyLine mat will allow you to live a happier life with minimal stress.

When you think of an overall cure, you may not think the answer could be natural stones. These are nature’s answer to living a healthier lifestyle. Using a combination of infrared waves and negative ions, natural stones enter into our bodies and give us ample health benefits. Everything from pain management to mental health can be utilized by lying on HealthyLine’s mats made with natural stones. You’ll achieve both short-term and long-term goals with the regular use of these mats. HealthyLine’s mats with natural stone therapy are the first step to living a healthier lifestyle!