Most Beautiful Places in the World to Visit for Cleansing Your Mind

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The environment in which you are in can directly affect your mood and wellbeing.

Repetitive daily habits can be comfortable, but they can also be mundane.

Unfortunately, the same-old-song-and-dance might eventually create stress in your life or make you crave something new and exotic.

Even if you live in a healing environment, and even if your home’s design employs the fundamentals of feng shui, you might feel like you need to escape.

That feeling is perfectly normal!

If you are sad, overwhelmed, or are just not feeling like yourself, a change of scenery can make a world of a difference.

Give your mind the break it deserves by traveling to one of nature’s dazzling creations!


How to Cleanse Your Mind

We all go through periods of time when we do not feel like our fullest selves.

However, we all also have the power to engage in mindful activities that promote wellbeing and happiness.

Practicing self-care through world exploration (called “vacation” by some) can provide a lot of clarity for people.

You might say that there are endless options today that can lead to well-being improvement and assist with mind clarification.

Yes, and meditation is one of them…, but did you know that meditation can bring even better results if you enhance it with energies of natural crystals and soothing far infrared heat?

Inspired by nature and perfected by science, Gemstone mats bring your daily life to the next level, where you can manage stress and pain, and enhance natural abilities of your body for detoxification from the comfort of your home or even office.

Another option can be a relaxing, chakra balancing or fully immersive detoxification session on one of the HealthyLine Inframat Pro in at the first-ever HealthyLine meditative wellness center.

You’ll be surprised, but just 20 minutes a day might be enough to improve your overall wellness and recharge you for the rest of the day.

Holistic healing requires trial and time – the only way to determine what works for you is to test various practices.

Beautiful Travel Destinations

Despite our greatest efforts at home, sometimes what we really need to cleanse our minds is to explore a new and beautiful destination.

Traveling to new places is fun and exciting, but it actually also has many wellness benefits.

Exploring the world can reduce stress while increasing creativity.

A study by Cornell University has even determined that excitement even before traveling makes you happier than purchasing new materialistic items.

Imagine how much stronger the effects are while you are in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

The world is full of seemingly-magical locations that can inspire meditation and other wellness practices.

Reconnecting with nature is one of the best methods for how to cleanse your mind.

Beyond its surreal backdrops, studies have cited nature as the ultimate source of negative ions, which can positively affect a person’s mood by balancing the body’s energy flow.

We’ve selected ten of the most beautiful places in the world to visit to help you declutter your brain and relax a little (and the views aren’t bad, either).

Keep reading to see which escapes made our list, and to get inspiration for your next healing retreat!


Big Sur, California


Big Sur, California

Known for its luxury hotels and stunning campgrounds, Big Sur, California is an ideal location to help you gain some mental clarity.

Unlike other beaches, there is rarely a perfectly sunny day here; rather, the ocean often has low fog floating over it, creating a surreal setting.

The city maintains its gorgeous, natural scenery through sustainability efforts, and asks its visitors to do the same.

If you have always dreamed of visiting the west coast, Big Sur is a must-see!

After a long day hiking or sightseeing, unwind with some mindfulness exercises on a jade and tourmaline heated mat to feel deep relaxation and peace.


Sedona, Arizona

If you love hiking, you’ll really love Sedona, Arizona!

With over 300 miles of trails through its red mountains, the city boasts endless outdoor activities.

All the hiking can help you improve your blood circulation and boost your mood.

Sedona boasts its abilities to renew the body and spirit, whether through exploring nature or staying at a resort.


Kenauk Nature, Montebello, Quebec, Canada

Kenauk Nature, Montebello, Quebec, Canada

Canada’s most loved spot for meditation and relaxation, as it attracts nature-lovers, fishers, and hunters worldwide.

Kenauk Nature is one of North America’s largest private fish and game reserves.

With over 65,000 acres of wilderness, a visit to Kenauk Nature is a visit to the open outdoors. Experiences range from modest to luxury cabins, suiting the needs of anyone looking to escape.


Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Mamma Mia, here we go again!

Documented in endless popular culture movies, Santorini’s iconic deep blue beaches and white town create one of the most jaw-dropping views the world has to offer.

Hopeless romantics will feel their hearts explode while strolling through the streets of the tourist destination.

Santorini is known for its fantastic food, which can benefit anyone who prioritizes nutrition while practicing holistic healing.


Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica

Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica

Have you ever dreamed of trekking through a rainforest?

The Cloudbridge Nature Reserve allows its visitors to enjoy nature’s beautiful creations on hikes and wildlife tours.

The reserve also promotes education and research– visitors can lose themselves in their surroundings while learning about important topics such as conservation, sustainability, and climate change.

You might find inner peace sitting underneath a native tree in Costa Rica!


Cape Reinga, North Island, New Zealand

Cape Reinga, North Island, New Zealand

One of the most unique views in the world, Cape Reinga visitors can observe the rushing currents demonstrating where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean.

Cape Reinga is one of New Zealand’s most spiritual spots due to its rich history.

This spectacular cape is a Maori sacred site, and as such does not allow eating on its property.

On the outskirts of New Zealand, Cape Reinga makes a surreal stop for meditation that you will fondly recall for decades to come. 


Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh, India

A popular stop for those seeking spiritual peace and balance, Rishikesh sits on the Ganges River and overlooks majestic hills. One of its most stunning views, though, is of the 13-story temple of Swarg Niwas & Shri Trayanbakshwar. The town promotes cleansing through meditation, yoga, and crystal healing, but also offers whitewater rafting and other outdoor activities. This Indian city is ideal for a holistic retreat followed by an incredible vacation!


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

If ancient history and architecture inspires you, Angkor Wat is the place for relaxation and destressing!

Cambodia’s most famous temple is admired for its intricate design and ability to withstand the tests of time.

The site also boasts impressive water systems worth seeing with your own eyes.

Angkor attracts scholars, architects, artists, and anyone who appreciates the capacities of humankind.

There is nothing quite as grounding as remembering the rich history of cultures across the globe.

There is beauty in the reminder of all that civilization has accomplished, and the endless opportunities to come.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

On the coast of Croatia lay two majestic lakes which have been granted UNESCO World Heritage status.

The Plitvice Lakes attract visits from tourists worldwide who wish to view natural waterfalls flowing into crystal clear waters.

The lakes are surrounded by deep woodlands which are heavily populated with wildlife.

Accommodations range from campsites to hotels, depending on the experience you desire.

These popular places can get quite crowded– if you are seeking a private, meditative trip, you may want to go during a vacation off-season!


Cenote Sagrado, Mexico

Cenote Sagrado, Mexico

Located near the Chichen Itza archaeological site, Cenote Sagrado was believed by the Mayans to transport sacrifices to the underworld.

They used the site to provide offerings to the rain god Chac.

There are still remains shrouded underneath its waters, forcing those looking to dive into the pit to need special permits.

However, you do not need to dive in order to feel the energy flowing throughout this cenote.

If you feel most spiritual while contemplating the complexities of life, Cenote Sagrado offers a beautiful balance of tradition and nature.


Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind

Whether you feel most at-peace with a fishing pole, taking a hike, or strolling a beach, the world has countless beautiful places for cleansing your mind.

Healing environments can be found across the globe, but also in your home country– regardless of your travel goals and interests, there is a perfect place for you out there!

If you are feeling the urge for a fresh start, travelling is a fantastic way to explore the world while cleansing your mind.

A calm mind will reduce stress throughout the body, making for a getaway which will benefit your wellness long after you return home.

The most important part of holistic healing retreats is that you follow where your heart wants you to go, rather than trending vacation habits.

The places that appeal to you are the places which will clear your mind.

To make the most of your time in these serene surroundings, disconnect from technology and continue your wellness practices

Sometimes it takes removing yourself from your comfort zone in order to truly find yourself.

We hope that you feel inspired to pack a bag with your meditation mat and begin your journey to balanced energy and spiritual peace!


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