Amethyst is a semi-precious variety of the mineral quartz, well-known for its beauty and striking purple color. While the gemstone can be found around the world, it is most common in Brazil, Uruguay, and Zambia, where it is carefully extracted by hand from underground geodes.

Traces of Amethyst being used for wellness maintenance can be found throughout history. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore the stone to ward off intoxication and maintain clarity of mind. The ancient Egyptians carved amethyst stones into amulets to protect themselves from harm. Early Christians, who considered the gemstone a symbol of purity and spirituality, used amethyst as an aid for wounds, fatigue, and fevers. Most of these tales share a central idea about amethyst: it balances mental, physical, and spiritual wellness levels.

How does amethyst produce these effects? Through two natural processes: negative ion emission and the release of far-infrared radiation, two therapies found in nature that are necessary to maintain the quality of human life.

Ions are simply molecules with a positive or negative electrical charge. Negative ions are created naturally all around us every time a molecule breaks apart, typically due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air or water. In natural environments like the beach, the forest, or the mountains, we are surrounded by negative ions. We often feel the effects of those negative ions immediately, by way of improved mood or increased energy after spending time in nature.

When heated, amethyst naturally emits negative ions. Negative ions improve your wellness levels to assist the body in the removal of toxins and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the bloodstream.
Amethyst’s emission of far infrared rays intensifies its benefits. Far infrared rays produce the “warm energy” that exists in all living things. On a sunny day, we can feel far infrared rays in the form of deep, internal warmth. Far infrared rays have powerful positive effects on human wellness; when combined with amethyst, its effects are even more significant.

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Helps Improve Localized Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation is essential to the functioning of every part of the body. Heated amethyst pressed against the skin helps to improve circulation where applied so that essential oxygen and nutrients can be delivered more efficiently to our organs. In combination with far-infrared radiation, the body temperature rises, which expands blood vessels leading to temporarily increased circulation and heart rate. (1)

Helps Maximize Relaxation and Comfort

Amethyst has a well-known history of being a soothing stone. Many have sought its natural abilities to relax the mind and body. The reason that amethyst has such a positive effect on relaxation is that it produces a steady stream of far infrared rays when it comes in contact with heat—this includes body heat. When heated amethyst transfers heat into far infrared rays that have a calming effect on the body, which helps moderate and lower stress and tension where applied. As a result, it is often used in conjunction with meditation to maximize the comfort and relaxation it brings. Incorporating amethyst gemstones into your life can help boost your overall wellness through the improvement and balance of the mind and body. (3)

Assists in Stiffness and Tension Relief

Amethyst is beneficial for loosening up muscles for two reasons. First, the stones become a heated surface that presses against the body. This heated surface presses firmly into areas of the body and breaks down resistance the same way any heating device does. Second, it releases deep penetrating far infrared radiation. FIR is where amethyst separates itself from the traditional approach to heat therapy. Heating any stone can provide tension relief on the surface level—like a hot stone therapy session at the spa. Far infrared rays, however, reach inches below the surface of the skin to dig into the tension and stiffness that lies below and is often difficult to reach with traditional methods. Amethyst takes heat therapy to the next level to offer the body a tension-relieving experience that it needs. (5)