Cats experience pain, discomfort, and stress just like the rest of us. Does that mean that they too can benefit from PEMF therapy?

If you have a cat, you know that making sure they’re happy and healthy is of the greatest importance, and there are so many things we do to ensure that. For example, we buy them toys and make sure they eat the healthiest food just so they can live their best lives. But as they grow older, it’s not uncommon for your cat to lose a bit of their energy and even experience healthy issues. If only there was a way to make sure your cat is the healthiest version of themselves. Well, luckily there is!

PEMF therapy is a safe, natural, and effective way of improving your kitty’s health. There are plenty of studies that point to the many benefits that come with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (or PEMF therapy). For many years PEMF therapy was used to help racehorses heal and recover after grueling races. It wasn’t very long before PEMF was looked at for human use. We have also used it for our puppies and dogs to help calm them down, relax their muscles, and improve their ability to recover from injury or ailment. But what does that mean for our domesticated cats? Can they receive the same benefits as the rest of us? And is PEMF therapy safe for our cats to use?

What Does PEMF Therapy Do?

Much like it does for us and our canine companions, PEMF therapy helps improve a cat’s mobility, circulation, and overall wellness. 

PEMF therapy has many benefits for anyone who uses it. The benefits become more apparent with consistent use. When being applied, PEMF therapy can increase the local circulation within the body, improving that area’s ability to heal and recover. The same holistic therapy can help to provide relief for muscles without the use of temperature specific means (which can end up harming you or your pet). 

Another benefit of using PEMF therapy is the ability to alleviate pain from various conditions. Aches and pains, bone recovery, and stiffness in your joints can all be helped by a few sessions of PEMF therapy. You’ll be happy to hear that the same benefits that apply to humans, horses, and dogs, also apply to your cats as well. While it might be a hassle to get them to stay in one spot for a prolonged period of time, when they do decide to cooperate, they too can experience wellness like we do.

Just to be clear, there are no studies or findings stating that there are any concerning side effects or outright harmful effects linking PEMF therapy to cats. While cats are not the same as humans or dogs, they can experience PEMF therapy harmlessly. 

What’s the Best Way to Give a Cat PEMF Therapy?

Made for all kinds of furry pets, the Pet Mat Medium delivers multiple forms of natural therapies in a safe way.

As mentioned before, cats can be squirmy creatures, never staying in one place for long and generally not in need of an authoritative figure. When a cat does decide to stay put, a warm and comfortable environment would be ideal, especially during those cold winter nights. HealthyLine offers the perfect solution for your cat with the Pet Mat™ T Medium 3220 Firm – PEMF InfraMat Pro®. Suitable for both cats and dogs and made with pet resistant materials in order to prevent unwanted scratches, tears, or soiling of the mat. It can also prevent your pet from being seriously injured.

In Conclusion

PEMF therapy can provide benefits for everyone in the house, be they man, woman, dog, or cat. Our pets can benefit immensely from receiving regular bouts of PEMF therapy in the same ways that we can. Getting your cat the benefit of holistic, natural recovery is one the best ways to show your pet some love!

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