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Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has the ability to help with ailments like migraines and arthritis. Many studies have been conducted in order to determine the beneficial nature of PEMF therapy. However, PEMF therapy is still relatively new to the average holistic consumer, which begs the question of whether PEMF therapy is dangerous. Here we will discuss the effects of PEMF and whether it is safe for you to use.

What is PEMF?

PEMF therapy is a form of natural, holistic therapy that utilizes the magnetic forces of your body to help alleviate any negative symptoms you may be feeling. Using PEMF therapy helps to relieve muscle stress, joint stiffness, tension and pain from migraines, and it can provide relief from a number of symptoms from arthritis and even depression.

The way PEMF therapy works is by manipulating the magnetic fields within your body to encourage recovery and wellness. When PEMF therapy is applied to an area of the body, several benefits are observed. Your blood flow is improved, which helps to bring more oxygen to the applied area. This can help to improve healing in your body when used on a lingering issue in your body.

Combining electricity with magnetism to influence your body might seem like a forceful idea, and it can be hard to determine whether PEMF therapy is right for you. Most people who take part in a PEMF therapeutic session experience one or more of the aforementioned benefits, while a small number of people experience mild side effects. However, the question still remains: is PEMF dangerous?

Is PEMF Dangerous?

Does PEMF therapy pose a danger to your health? It can but only in certain unique situations. Learn what those are here.

The answer? No! PEMF is generally safe to use as it is a natural and non-invasive form of therapy. It is even FDA approved for the treatment of non-union bone fractures. There have also been numerous studies that looked at its benefits for certain conditions, and most of them found no negative side-effects.

That being said, there are some contraindications for people absolutely should not use PEMF therapy. As with other forms of therapy or drug usage, when there is a medical contraindication, you should avoid using PEMF therapy or devices. A medical contraindication means that there is or can be an issue with a form of medication where it has a negative impact on your body.

If you have electrical implants, you should never use PEMF therapy as it can impact the way your implants work. Pacemakers, insulin pumps, and other forms of electrical implants can be negatively impacted by PEMF therapy, to the point that the implant can fail and cause catastrophic problems.

Another instance where PEMF use can be dangerous is for pregnant women. While there isn’t a lot of research available for the PEMF impact on pregnant women, PEMF therapy cannot be recommended until there is more information available.

One more problem that can arise from PEMF therapy involves organ transplants. When a person undergoes an organ transplant, there remains a possibility of the organ not being accepted by the body. This issue can be exasperated by the use of PEMF therapy, as this particular form of therapy improves your circulation and your immune system. With an enhanced immune system, any problem created by an organ transplant that was not accepted will only be compounded.

One misconception that some may have about PEMF is whether the device will produce harmful EMF rays that can negatively affect your body the longer you’re exposed. The difference with PEMF is that the magnetic field is pulsed, while EMFs are constantly emitted.  The pulsation of PEMF prevents it from overstimulating the body, making it completely safe.

What Does This Mean?

What does all this information mean for PEMF therapy?

PEMF therapy is not an inherently dangerous therapy to enact. When you utilize PEMF therapy, there are few instances where something negative can happen for certain people. In relation to other forms of pain relief, PEMF has similar benefits without the downside of consistent side effects. 

Even if there is no information on whether you should specifically use or avoid PEMF therapy, be sure to consult your doctor or primary care physician to know whether you should take the chance on the holistic form of therapy.

In Conclusion

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has shown to be extremely beneficial in multiple applications. There have been various studies conducted that speak to the effectiveness of PEMF and its various applications. Remember that despite any information you can find about PEMF therapy on your own, you should still consult with a medical professional before you use the therapy on yourself.

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