1. As you detox your body may lose hydration at a faster rate than it is used to. Drink plenty of water before and after use. Until your body is used to the mat only sleep with it on warm heat settings. Extended use high temperatures may result in symptoms of dehydration.
  2. You can cover the mat to protect the mat from your sweat, and to protect your body from direct contact with hot stones. A cover does not reduce the effect of FIR, negative ions, or PEMF. Using a cover helps to heat up the gemstones faster.
  3. Before use, you may preheat your mat. Turn the mat on and set your desired temperature. Cover the mat with the optional foil blanket or any other material that would prevent heat from escaping into the room.
  4. For your first few sessions begin at a low temperature for a set period of time. Take note of how it makes you feel. Gradually increase the temperature and the duration of use as you become more familiar with the mat. Instead of converting Celsius into Fahrenheit, simply take note of how you feel at different temperature settings and know how to adjust for your next session.
  5. You can use your mat every day. At high heat settings you should have one or two sessions per day, and with medium, to low settings, you can use that mat all day with proper hydration.