If your mat isn’t working, first check to see if your mat is plugged in, then unplug it and plug it back in. Next, fold and unfold your mat to make sure it’s flat. Then heat it up covered on the maximum temperature for 25 minutes and make sure the controller shows an increasing temperature. If your controller isn’t working, there are things you can try. Unplug it from the mat and the wall, then plug it in again. Try using a different outlet, and use a singular outlet rather than a surge protector. Make sure you plug the controller all the way in on both ends. If you’re still having issues, please prepare the following information then contact us

  1. Determine if your order was within the 365 day warranty period.
  2. Order number (if purchased from a third party website, include a copy of your invoice).
  3. Model number (can be found on your invoice)
  4. Determine which controller you have from
  5. Contact us at