*We have over a dozen types of controllers and that is because our mats have different sizes and functions.
Although a different controller may fit into the socket please do not attempt to plug in a controller from a different mat. Your controller may look different from the one pictured for reference.

(Select controller models)
  1. Begin by powering on the unit with your controller. This is done by either pressing the power button, flipping the power switch, or turning the dial clockwise.
  2. To increase the temperature, press the Temperature Up button or turn the dial clockwise. For certain TAO models, you would have to first press the Temperature button then press the up button.
  3. As you adjust the temperature, the two-digit number on the LED screen will show the temperature you are selecting. After you have chosen your temperature, the LED display will show the actual mat temperature and that will begin to increase until it reaches your desired temperature. The mat has an internal heat sensor that will heat up the mat when the actual temperature is below your setting and will turn off heat when it is above your setting. This is how the heat is regulated.
  4. To adjust the timer from 1 to 9 hours press the Timer Up/Down buttons. For certain TAO models, you would have to first press the Timer button then either the up or down button. For other mats, press the Time button to choose between 3, 6, or 12-hour settings. Finally, some controllers have no timer function and will automatically shut off after 12 hours. You can also turn the 1at off at any time.
  5. If your mat has PEMF or photon lights, there are separate buttons for them. Photon lights can be turned on or off at any time with or without heat.
  6. When you turn PEMF on it will run for 20 minutes then go off for 100 minutes in a continuous cycle while the indicator light stays on. If you’ve had the PEMF on for a while you can turn it off then back to start the cycle over. You may also use the included PEMF tester to see if the PEMF is currently running.