InfraMat Pro Use Instructions


1. Connect the remote control to the mat.
2. Turn on the power button. The LED display should turn on.
3. Adjust the temperature. The display will show the target temperature for a few seconds, then return to showing the current temperature.
4. To use the electromagnetic field (EMF) eliminator, touch the EMF sensor for a few seconds. When the EMF indicator light is on, an EMF is detected.
5. While using the device, do not cover the remote control or restrict the flow of air to it.
6. Do not attempt to open or disassemble the remote control.
7. When you are finished, turn off the power and unplug the cable.




1. To avoid damage, do not use excessive force in connecting the cable to the power socket.
2. Do not bring the mat into contact with substances that can burn or catch fire easily.
3. Do not place the device in strong sunlight or allow liquids or other substances to come in contact with it.
4. Do not attempt to open or disassemble the device.
5. Always cover the mat with a blanket or towel before lying down, to protect the body from direct heat and to protect the mat from sweat.
6. When you are finished using the device, turn off the power and unplug the cable.




1. Operate the mat on high heat for a few minutes to allow any humidity to evaporate.
2. Clean the mat thoroughly before putting it away.
3. To fold the mat, place the power cable on one end, then fold the mat inward into thirds. (Not neces sary for small pads.)
4. Store the mat in the dustproof bag provided.
5. Store the mat in a dry and ventilated place (10° C – 25° C).

6. Periodically remove the mat from storage, air it out, and check the storage conditions.
7. Don’t place heavy items on the stored mat.




1. Turn off the power before cleaning the mat.
2. Clean the surface of the mat with a dry cloth.
3. Use a cleaner to remove any dust between the jade disks.
4. Never use flammable or volatile cleaners on the mat.
5. Keep the mat dry. Do not bring it in contact with water or other liquids.
6. After cleaning the mat, allow it to air dry.
7. To clean the remote control, turn off the power and disconnect it, then clean its surface with a dry cloth.
8. To prolong the life of the mat, keep it clean.