Back pain is one of the most common forms of pain a person can experience. Can PEMF help with that?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, otherwise known as PEMF, has been proven to temporarily manage pain, inflammation, and swelling. However, when it comes to one of the most chronic forms of pain, can PEMF therapy be used to help temporarily alleviate pain in your back? Here, we will discuss how PEMF therapy can be specifically applied to your back to help with the pain.

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PEMF is a form of therapy that sends electromagnetic fields into the body to stimulate and heal cells. In a way, PEMF therapy works to reinvigorate cells in order to promote wellness and encourage a faster rate of recovery. When a cell gets damaged, its magnetic field is thrown off and multiple symptoms can result, such as pain, swelling, and inflammation. PEMF directly correct your cells’ magnetic charge, rejuvenating the cells and promoting wellness within the body.

Many people look towards PEMF therapy in order to supplement pain medication. In some cases, PEMF can replace the use of drugs for pain management. PEMF can even help people who deal with pain get a restful night of sleep. PEMF therapy has the added effect of improving circulation while in use. All of these benefits can help you feel healthier and obtain an enhanced state of wellbeing.

For individuals who exercise regularly, PEMF therapy helps to promote faster muscle recovery, which can mean either longer gym sessions, shorter recovery periods, or both! Muscles that need to recover from exercise will be more susceptible to damage or injury if overworked. PEMF therapy can help to keep muscles healthier overall.

Is PEMF for Back Pain Reliable?

Can PEMF therapy be a reliable form of back pain relief?

Due to the benefits that PEMF therapy has when applied to the body, back pain seems to be a lock for being manageable with this form of treatment. As it turns out, studies were conducted on people who suffered from either acute back pain or from chronic back pain. Both groups of individuals, when given PEMF treatment, experienced improvements in their back, citing temporary but enhanced levels of recovery while using the therapy.

Back pain is an extremely common issue that millions of people suffer from all the time. Whether you slouch, bend over constantly, or have poor posture, your back might be in danger of experiencing some sort of pain. Back pain can be caused by several things, whether it’s a slipped disc or even just inflammation around the spine. PEMF therapy can help to reduce inflammation around the spine in order to alleviate the resulting pain. 

As a general rule, if your back pain is the result of an accident, you should consult a doctor before deciding to use any form of alternative therapy. However, many home methods of treating back pain can result in either further injury or in a lengthy recovery cycle. As mentioned earlier, PEMF therapy can also act as an addition to or replacement for pain-killing drugs. Drugs can help to relieve pain, but having to take them repeatedly can result in a higher tolerance, resulting in a need to take more drugs to be effective. This is a temporary solution for pain and can even lead to more problems, such as dependence or even addiction!

What is a Trustworthy PEMF Device for Back Pain?

The TAJ-Mat™ Chair 4018 Firm - Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro® can provide PEMF therapy even when you’re sitting
As PEMF therapy has shown great promise in helping to manage pain, having an apparatus to deliver this relief available to use at all times can be essential for handling back pain(read more about PEMF for concussion). When you need to have consistent therapeutic relief throughout the day, there’s no better choice than HealthyLine! The PEMF products that HealthyLine offers are made to match the lifestyle of the user.

A perfect example of a diverse PEMF device for back pain is the TAJ-Mat™ Chair 4018 Firm – Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro®. This mat offers the natural therapeutic benefits synonymous with the HealthyLine brand while also coming in a convenient, foldable variant that can fit into almost every kind of chair. Instead of having to lay flat on the floor or your bed, you can use the TAJ Chair to apply five beneficial therapies as you sit. Meaning you can manage your back pain while you unwind after a long day, while you sit on the couch to watch tv or play a video game, or while you are at work. 

Americans spend a lot of their time in a seated position, whether at home or at work. Staying in this position can increase your risk of having back pain throughout your life. Instead of putting yourself at risk, the TAJ Chair can actually help you by targeting your back with PEMF therapy along with heated stone therapy and negative ion therapy. This combination of natural therapies can result in loosened muscles and a more relaxed feeling while you sit. This can be especially beneficial when you drive for a living. 

With the right apparatus, anyone can manage their back pain with confidence. HealthyLine makes products that put your wellness as a top priority. Manage pain, inflammation, and stiffness through PEMF therapy. Even though back pain is one of the most common issues people will deal with during their lives, the right PEMF device can help manage it and make you more comfortable throughout your day.

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