Dealing with nausea can be extremely frustrating.

Depending on how strongly it affects the stomach, it can completely ruin the day for some people.

For pregnant women, nausea in the form of morning sickness can be especially concerning.

Both of these problems can be caused by any number of reasons, including dehydration.

In most cases, these two concerns can also be fixed right at home as they do not necessarily warrant having to go to the doctor for medication.

Here is a closer look at 16 home remedies for nausea and morning sickness.


Ginger, Ginger Root, Ginger Ale, and Ginger Tea


One of the most powerful remedies for treating nausea and morning sickness is to ingest ginger.

This root comes in many forms, including a pill that can be found in the supplement section of most pharmacies and grocery stores.

Other popular options include ginger ale and ginger tea.

These two items are hot sellers in flu season because of the powerful resolution they provide for nausea.

Ginger works to neutralize stomach acid, which can also make it great for treating heartburn or acid reflux.

Ginger contains phenols that aid the digestive tract in processing food, and it can also help to remove toxins from the body.

Some of these toxins can be the source of nausea and morning sickness, so taking some ginger root pills or drinking some ginger ale first thing in the morning can prevent an upset stomach for the rest of the day.

Pregnant women can drink some ginger tea before bed as a preventative measure against morning sickness.

The ginger root itself can be added to any food with ease. It comes in a powder form and is in the spices aisle for a reason.

It can be enjoyed with every meal without changing the main dish’s flavor too much.


Acupressure at Home


The ancient Chinese art of acupressure is considered one of the greatest forms of alternative medicine.

In acupressure, instead of using needles, pressure can be added to certain points on the body with some light massaging techniques to release neurotransmitters.

These neurotransmitters include serotonin and endorphins, which make people feel physically and mentally better.

The most important area to apply pressure for nausea and morning sickness is P6.

This point is located directly at the top of the wrist.

Using two or three fingers, press down on this area, concentrating your focus between two of the large tendons in the arm.

Rubbing small circles on this area in a clockwise motion can also be beneficial.

Pressure or a light massage only needs to be applied for about thirty seconds at a time.

This tactic can be done at almost any time in the day, meaning that when nausea returns, it can easily be used again and again.


Do Not Fight the Urge


If you are feeling nauseous to the point of fighting back vomit, then there is only one solution.

Simply do not fight the urge. Sometimes, vomiting out whatever is making you feel nauseous in the first place is what’s good for nausea to go away completely.

This urge is the body’s way of telling people that it does not enjoy whatever is making it sick in the first place.

Sometimes, the only way to get rid of nausea and morning sickness is just to let the body do what feels the most natural.

Holding back vomit can also cause harm to the body, specifically the stomach and the esophagus.

The buildup of stomach acid in these two areas can break down tissue over time, leaving damage behind.

For the same reason, you need to focus on rinsing your mouth and washing your throat with some water, ginger ale, or ginger tea to remove any leftover acid.


Work on Managing Anxiety


One of the leading causes of nausea and morning sickness can be anxiety.

If it does not trigger either of these problems, then it can certainly make the situation far worse.

When it comes to fighting back the urge to vomit, especially in public places that might make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, anxiety can skyrocket.

If you are in the middle of a class, in a meeting at work, or on a date, and need to vomit, then just excuse yourself as politely and as soon as possible.

Waiting until the last moment will just make you more anxious, and this situation can heighten the urge to throw up.

One of the easiest tricks to getting rid of nausea is simply to lower anxiety by focusing on breathing.

Long, slow breaths can bring down your blood pressure, which will also lower anxiety.

Breathe into at a count of four, hold the breath for two seconds, and then release to a count of four once more.

This six-count pattern helps the brain to focus on something simple for the sake of distraction.

As stated previously, though, if the urge to throw up is strong, then letting the body take the natural course is the best option.


Enjoy Some Milk Toast


Sometimes, if you are feeling nauseous, then taking some milk tea is a great idea.

One of the best things for nausea is milk toast because it is bland.

Such foods can tame an upset stomach. The toast will absorb stomach acid, and the milk will coat the stomach to prevent more stomach acid from being produced.

The worst idea here is to drink milk straight, as it can upset the stomach more than help it out.

For people who have the flu, this treat is not a good idea.

For women with morning sickness and those who experience an upset stomach from over-the-counter medication, milk toast can be a great idea, though.

To make this treat, take one cup of milk and a piece of toast covered in unsalted butter.

Warm up the milk in a microwave, but do not let it come to a boil.

Meanwhile, make the toast and cover it with butter before ripping it in chunks and placing it in a cereal bowl.

Not much butter is needed, as it acts more as a flavor than anything else.

Then, pour the warm milk slowly over the toast. Eat this treat slowly to make the most of it.


Do Some Stretches


In some instances, pain in the neck and upper back can induce nausea and morning sickness.

The body’s natural reaction to discomfort can be an upset stomach.

Therefore, doing some simple back and neck stretches can help to relieve nausea and rid the body of discomfort.

Give these stretches a try as a way to get rid of nausea.

For back stretches, lie down on a flat surface as if you are about to do a push-up.

Sometimes, a yoga mat or a comfortable blanket on the floor can be beneficial.

Do not lift your lower extremities while going into a push-up mode, but only lift the upper body.

Your back may arch and stretch.

Sometimes, slowly tilting your neck back and forth or from side to side with your chin facing the ceiling can also help to work out kinks in your neck.

For your neck, on the other hand, avoid doing neck rolls as they can pinch nerves and cause a breakdown of tissue at the base of the skull.

Both things can cause nausea to worsen. Try this instead.

Tip your chin forward, down toward your chest. This position can be held for about ten to fifteen seconds, and then you can tilt your head backward.

Follow this motion with bending your right ear toward your right shoulder.

Repeat this step with the left side.

When you tilt your head forward, you can perform a small massaging motion on the open, exposed area of your neck for an added effect.


Slice Up Some Lemons


In some cases, a citrus smell can be what’s good for nausea.

At the same time, it will calm your anxiety. Take a fresh lemon and slice it up with a reliable knife.

The lemon then can be placed in a glass or a small container for storage purposes.

Then, you can take this container and set it nearby while inhaling and exhaling fully.

Breathing to a count of six, as described earlier, can be beneficial during this process.

The key factor here is not to have the citrus placed too closely, lest it should be too strong.

If this situation happens, then it can make nausea worse, as strong smells can work against the stomach.


Use an Application of a Cold Compress


Applying a cold compress or an ice pack wrapped in a dish towel can also soothe nausea and morning sickness.

This compress can be placed either across the back of the neck or over the wrists.

Applying cold to these two locations soothes nerves and anxiety, which can lower the urge to vomit, and cut through nausea.

Ultimately, the goal here is not to apply a compress that is shockingly cold.

Using such temperatures on the skin can cause burns and make the body’s internal temperature drop too quickly.

Therefore, before applying an ice pack, leave it to sit out at room temperature for about five minutes first.

Regardless, a dish towel should still be wrapped around it to protect your skin.

Alternatively, a cold wash rag can be placed in the fridge or freezer for about ten minutes to make it colder.

Lying down while applying this compress can also serve to help stretch out your neck and back.


Sit Back and Stretch Your Legs


Circulating blood properly throughout the body can also be a way to soothe morning sickness and nausea.

This statement is especially true if you feel dizzy or faint.

Sitting down and propping up your feet can help both to regulate blood flow to the areas of the body that need it most, and it can also lower your blood pressure.

Lowering your blood pressure will also help to lower anxiety.

Furthermore, if you are sitting down, then you are less likely to fall should you faint.

The goal here is to find a quiet place. Not having much light, natural or artificial, can help as well.

Allow your head to lie flat against a surface to stabilize your neck.

If you chose to lie down for this step, then do not use any pillows under your head.

Focus on bending your knees in a manner that does not prevent your lungs from expanding.

Then, take slow, deep breaths to a count of six and try to clear your mind.

Try to prop up your feet if you are sitting in a position where you cannot bend your knees.


Have Some Peppermint


One of the best home remedies for nausea is to ingest or smell some peppermint.

This flavor comes in the form of an essential oil as well, so it can be placed in an air diffuser or oil burner.

At the same, a peppermint candy in your mouth can saturate your gums and calm nausea or morning sickness.


Suck and Chew on Some Frozen Fruit


As stated previously, citrus is great for calming nausea.

Freeze some lemons or limes to keep them handy for when nausea and morning sickness strike.

The sharp flavor of these two fruits can cut right through waves of nausea and calm your stomach.

If cut lemons and limes are not available, then a citrus Popsicle can do much the same thing.

However, you need to avoid creamsicles as the dairy can hurt your stomach more.


Absorb Some Fresh Air


Depending on where you work or attend school, some airborne allergens and smells can make nausea rear its ugly head.

If you have the option, take a step outside into some cool air.

Even if it’s winter time, go outside for a few moments. Breathing in cool air will calm your stomach by bringing down your body temperature.

Since cool air is compact, it will expand your lungs more fully as your lungs warm it up.

If you have the option to sit near an open window, especially one with a fan, this alternative can work as well.


Be Sure to Replenish Fluids


Sometimes, nausea and morning sickness are side effects of dehydration.

Therefore, you need to take the time to replace your fluids.

Clear sodas, juices, and cool water are great ways to achieve this tactic. You should not drink them too quickly, though.

Placing too much liquid in your stomach at one time can overload it, regardless of nausea, and make you want to throw it back up.

Therefore, you should take small sips over the course of fifteen to twenty minutes.


Replace Nutrients


Nausea can also happen as a result of lacking nutrients.

Pregnant women who face morning sickness often feel better after taking a prenatal vitamin because they are replacing any nutrients that might have been lost.

If worse comes to worst, try to drink back some electrolytes.

Sports drinks contain a significant amount of these electrolytes, so sipping back on some of it can make nausea go away.

Cool sports drinks work the best as they can also lower the body’s temperature.


Eat Some BRAT


Doctors and nurses, especially in hospital settings, advocate a bland diet for those patients who feel nauseous for a reason.

These foods work to absorb stomach acid and reduce the queasiness it causes.

BRAT stands for bananas, rice, apples (or applesauce), and toast.

We have already covered why toast works. These other items work for much the same reason.

With applesauce, it is important to not use flavored or sugared kinds as too much of either can worsen nausea.

Alternatively, lightly buttered pasta or potatoes can work much the same way because of their starch content.


Eat Some Protein


When it comes to morning sickness remedies, eating a little protein can be a great idea.

Proteins take longer for the stomach to break down, so by association, they can also lower stomach acid.

For the best result, pair the protein with a complete carbohydrate like whole wheat crackers.

Eating some unseasoned scrambled eggs between two slices of wheat toast is also a great idea.

The toast will absorb stomach acid as well, allowing the stomach to focus further on processing the eggs.




These 16 methods for curing nausea and morning sickness at home work wonderfully.

All of these remedies can be made with products found right around the house, so they are easy to keep at hand while serving other purposes.

If you need to throw up, do not fight the urge.

Try to relax in as many ways as possible, including using breathing techniques and some light acupressure.

Overall, the goal is to lower any anxiety you might have about nausea, which will make you feel much better in the long run.

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