How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness this New Year

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At last, 2020 is finally coming to an end—something I think we can all be happy about. This year has certainly been a stressful one; from a global pandemic and its effects, to political and social turmoil to people becoming obsessed with Tiger King—describing this year as “strange” would be an understatement. All of these crazy things have led a lot of us to feel more stressed and worried than normal. That’s why we should all take some time before 2021 to focus on and figure out how to find inner peace and happiness this New Year.

With every New Year comes an opportunity for a fresh start to reevaluate our lives. This is something that makes New Year’s so special! Many times, people commit themselves to a specific New Year’s resolution to improve their quality of life. However, this may not be the best strategy because we usually tend to stress ourselves out over this resolution. In fact, studies have shown that only 8% of Americans actually stick to their resolution year-round. 

Because there are so many ways to obtain happiness and inner peace, we shouldn’t commit ourselves to just one resolution. Instead, it’s better to take a more comprehensive approach about how to find inner peace and happiness for this upcoming year. 


How Will Inner Peace and Happiness Affect Me?

So how does inner peace and happiness actually improve your overall life? Well, it does through a variety of ways. One of the biggest changes you’ll notice will be your energy and mood. You will feel more energized and your mind will be clear of distractions, helping you focus on whatever is ahead of you. 

Obtaining peace of mind will also help you reduce and regulate feelings of stress and anxiety, both internal and external. This means you’ll be able to prevent certain people and situations from bringing you down. 

This past year in particular has been extremely stressful and anxiety ridden for so many people, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the economy and everyday life. The impact of COVID-19 on our mental health has even been measurable, with a Mental Health America report finding the following:

  • The number of people who took a screening test for anxiety in the first 9 months of 2020 was 93% greater than the total number who took tests in all of 2019
  • Of those who took this test, more than 8 out of 10 scored with moderate to severe symptoms
  • The number of people who took a screening test for depression in the same time period was 62% greater than the total number of people who took a screening test in 2019
  • And more than 8 out of 10 of those who took this test scored with moderate to severe symptoms.

If we want to leave this trend of stress, anxiety, and depression in 2020, then we need to figure out how to find inner peace and happiness in 2021. Luckily for you, we thought of a few ways to make your journey to acquire peace of mind easier for you!


Best Ways to Achieve Inner Peace and Happiness 

There really isn’t just one way to achieve inner peace and happiness for the New Year. Instead, it’s more of a combination of ways that all contribute to your overall happiness. We also understand that finding peace and happiness is a lot easier said than done. That’s why we thought it would be great to share some amazing ideas that you can put into practice to achieve this optimal state of mind.


Meditating and Being Mindful 

Meditation is a great way to know how to find inner peace and happiness

One way to find inner peace and happiness this New Year is by raising your mental and spiritual awareness of yourself, your feelings, and your surroundings. Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius wrote in his book Meditations that, “the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

Meditating is an extremely effective and calming way to improve your thoughts and feelings while enhancing your overall quality of life. It is also a great tool to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. A recent study found that 153 adults who used a meditation app for just 2 weeks felt less lonely and more social than they had before. This not only proves that meditation is great for improving your mental and emotional state, but also that it doesn’t require long, intense sessions to see real results. 

You also don’t specifically need to meditate to improve your emotional state of mind. It’s possible just to practice mindfulness, positive thinking, and gratitude to feel better about yourself. Realizing what we have in our lives and being appreciative helps us think more positively. It’s also important to be grateful for the things we don’t have in our lives—whether it be illness, disease or poverty. Practicing these tips will make you have more control over your feelings and improve your mood day in, day out!


Exercising and Following a Healthier Diet

Being more active and eating healthier is a great way to let your body and mind feel better. And the best part is that there are so many different ways to have a more active lifestyle. Whether it’s jogging, playing tennis, or swimming, you’ll feel more energized and happier about yourself. These activities are also great to do outdoors to get some fresh air. Just be sure to pick an activity that isn’t going to stress you out; pick something you’ll look forward to and happiness will follow!

Eating a balanced and healthier diet will also work wonders for your quality of life. It has become common knowledge that eating natural foods that are free of preservatives and GMOs directly affects the way you feel. It’s important to practice moderation when you eat and to listen to your body for when it needs food and doesn’t. Even drinking a few extra glasses of water each day will rejuvenate your skin, give you more energy, and have you feeling better!


Spending Time with Loved Ones

Family and friends spending time together and enjoying each other’s company 

This is an easy method to stabilize our minds but it is still something often pushed to the side. Our loved ones are the people we care about most in our lives, and spending time with them helps us feel appreciated and less lonely. It also reminds us that we are loved, something that so many of us often forget. You can really do anything with loved ones, such as grabbing dinner, going for a walk, or even just relaxing at home. 

The one important aspect to this is that you should surround yourself with people you care about and people who care about you. It’s also really important to avoid toxic people whose negativity rubs off on us and brings us down. By simply surrounding ourselves with love and care, it’s easier for us to feel at peace and happy with ourselves.


Heated Therapy Mats

These tools are often overlooked when people try to find ways to improve their happiness and find inner peace. Most think that they only provide physical relief, but they are really capable of giving us a wide range of benefits. Even if they did only provide us with relief from pain, being free from pain would help us achieve a better quality of life. They help improve circulation and oxygen flow boost energy levels and cleanse away toxins. 

Mats, such as those found at HealthyLine, even release a steady flow of negative ions into your body. Studies from Columbia University have shown that negative ions are capable of relieving symptoms of depression as much as antidepressants can. 

If you really want the absolute best therapy mat to improve your mind and soul, then look no further than our Rainbow and Chakra mats. We specially craft these mats to strengthen each of your 7 chakra points inside of your body. Your chakras help regulate almost every aspect of your life, so naturally healing them will give you life-changing results. These mats are the only products we make specifically designed to align your inner chakras and bring you peace.


Leave Your Stress In 2020!

This past year has been a roller-coaster ride of stress, hardship, and gloom for so many of us. Not only do we get to finally put 2020 behind us, but we also get to focus on our mental health and happiness. 

Knowing how to find inner peace and happiness this new year is a lot easier said than done, but we know that with the tips we’ve given you in this post, you’ll be heading in the right direction in no time. 

So, close the book on this horrendous year and make 2021 the year you finally achieve inner peace and happiness!

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