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The technology that forms the basis for FIR Mats is nowhere near new ideas. In actuality, some of the concepts that form the underlying foundation have been around for a thousand years or more, while others are more modern ideas from the realms of modern medicine. Recently, however, far infrared as well as negative ion technology has been used to develop new approaches that are within the financial reach of both independent healthcare professionals and home users.


Three Different Technologies Combine with Incredible Results


FIR Mats are possible thanks to three technologies that work in synergy, complementing each other to produce a dramatic wellness-enhancing experience. The first technology used was discovered when Dr. Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sakmann, two talented scientists, figured out that the human body contains ion channels within its cells, capable of stimulating them, and altering the cell membrane in order to facilitate communication between cells. These channels act similar to pores, allowing external stimuli to penetrate deep into the center of a cell. This discovery revolutionized the world of cell biology, and in 1991 Neher and Sakmann were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work.


FIR Mats work by stimulating ion channels with negative ions, delivering energy to the individual cells of the body. When cells contain enough negative ions, inside and out, they can more readily absorb nutrition and eliminate toxins more effectively. Cells which do not have enough negative ions can experience deterioration, resulting in potential diseases and poor wellness in general.



Far Infrared Band Spectrum Therapy


The efficacy of light therapy is well acknowledged by modern medical science for a long time now. Light from lasers is already being used to rejuvenate and tone skin, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Both real and artificial exposure to sunlight has been used to successfully treat acne, boost general wellness and manage mental disorders. More and more scientists are now finding that exposure to different wavelengths of light is as important to physical and mental wellbeing as vitamins and minerals.


The benefits of far infrared light, in particular, have recently been receiving attention from the scientific community. Recent research is suggesting that far infrared light can stimulate the body to produce healthy cell tissue, meaning that it is faster and more efficient for skin issues. Therapy using far infrared light also helps encourage cells to eliminate toxins and waste. Today, professionals in the healthcare field in many different areas of expertise agree that far infrared light has many wellness benefits.



Delivers Treatment Deep Down Using Properties Of Natural Superconducting


The third type of technology used by the FIR Mats is perhaps one of the most valued and oldest technologies around.


The wellness-enhancing power of Amethyst has been known and lauded for many thousands of years. In ancient Greece, it was believed to protect the wearer from intoxication. In fact, the word amethyst comes from the Greek word that means sobriety. Famed inventor Leonardo da Vinci thought that amethyst contained the power to increase intelligence and even protect from evil. Buddhists commonly use this stone in their meditation in order to promote tranquility and peace of mind. Modern research has shown that the ancient beliefs held about stone may have a basis in science. The unique characteristic of amethyst means that it is piezoelectric. This means it can carry a positive charge and a negative charge at the same time. The outer layer of every type of  FIR Mats contains channels of authentic, pure amethyst, through which the far infrared light will pass. The superconducting power of the amethyst will convert these rays to a long wavelength, which can penetrate the body safely to a depth of seven inches.



This is a treatment that marries the best aspects of holism with verified scientific methods.


Using tried and true scientific principles are how the FIR Mats are able to deliver holistic therapy that is able to reach every corner of the body. The FIR Mats provide the user with a soothing experience that is non-invasive and works at the root cause of ailments, rather than covering them up. In addition to providing relief from certain types of pain, this therapy can build up a resistance to deterioration that can last for a long time.

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