How Far Infrared and Negative Ions Therapy Effect Cancer

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HealthyLine is a top of the line supplier of premium gemstone infused far infrared heating mats.

Our products are designed and have been used to manage a wide assortment of wellness problems.

Our mats stimulate changes in the body from the inside in ways that typical heat therapy cannot do.

In many cases, our mats are used to relieve pain, swelling, discomfort, joint stiffness, and so much more.

We are unclear of the full extent of the benefits you can receive from far infrared technology, but we are excited to keep exploring the possibilities and push the limits of what we can help people achieve.

One thing we get asked a lot is whether or not HealthyLine far infrared mats are helpful in the treatment of cancer.

It is important to note up-front that our FIR mats are not a universally recognized cancer treatment in the United States.

However, there is a detailed and growing history between FIR and cancer that we believe will most likely lead to FIR therapy being a reasonable route to take for supplementing attempts to manage cancer symptoms in the future.

Before supplementing any other treatments of cancer or wellness routine with an FIR mat, you should consult with your physician about potential risks or complications that could be involved.

If your doctor is unfamiliar with far infrared and its benefits, it would be a good idea to refer him or her here for reference.

If you have a question regarding far infrared and its benefits you can always reach out to one of our representatives who would be more than willing to discuss them with you.

We are eager to spread the gift of good wellness to any interested parties so if you wish to purchase a mat because you are inspired or intrigued by what you have read here, use the code “Infra10” and we’ll give you a complimentary 10% off your order + free shipping on us!

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The Journey of Dr. Yoshimizu—Relating Infrared Rays to Cancer

An early pioneer of using far infrared as a means to influence cancer was a doctor from Japan name Nobuhiro Yoshimizu.

He coined the term “medical refugees” in reference to people whose cancer has been deemed untreatable.

These people are usually sent home to pass away after radiation, chemotherapy and/or surgery have failed.

Dr. Yoshimizu felt that there must be some alternative approach and that these people were not worth giving up on just because there was limited knowledge and resources to help them.

His searches ultimately lead him to thermotherapy.

He believed that the method of applying highly concentrated heat to the body could help reduce cancer cells and have other positive influences on the body as well.

During the 1970s, the National Cancer Institute conducted a symposium on the subjects of radiation and thermotherapy.

A major topic of discussion during this symposium was whether or not thermotherapy might prove successful in situations where radiation was not.

After identifying and obtaining a far infrared heating mat, Dr. Yoshimizu found that his results improved dramatically.

Additionally, he discovered that these mats have positive effects on a wide range of conditions such as high blood pressure.


Understanding Far Infrared Rays and Their Benefits

Far infrared rays are made up of a combination of electromagnetic waves, energy waves, and long frequency waves found on the infrared spectrum.

Most commonly, far infrared rays are received from the sun.

They are invisible to the human eye, yet their benefits are innumerable to the body.

Other things that naturally emit FIR are your hands and gemstones.

At HealthyLine, we only offer infrared mats that are enhanced by the inclusion of these naturally occurring semiprecious gemstones.

When heated, the gemstones (usually amethyst, tourmaline, jade, and obsidian) dramatically boost the amount of infrared exposure produced.

What makes infrared heating pads better than regular heating pads, is that this improved experience is able to penetrate up to six inches below the surface level of your skin.

This allows for a much greater influence on your wellness and can help your body make changes from the inside, rather than just the outside.

Far infrared benefits are mostly associated with pain relief, detoxification, a decrease of swelling, and a decrease of stiffness, to name a few.

However, it would be more accurate to say that these are just the common, better-known benefits.

It is not completely understood the full measure of effect far infrared can have for your wellness.

Over the years it has been used to improve cases of arthritis, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, depression, cerebral ischemia, diabetes, and other diseases.

Dr. Yoshimizu saw far infrared heat therapy as a source of possibility worth delving into.

He thought it could help reduce cancer cells while simultaneously strengthening the immune system.

If this were true, it could change the way we approached the management of cancer.


Dr. Yoshimizu’s Results and Conclusions

According to Dr. Yoshimizu, far infrared heating mats can affect cancer because it both attacks the cancerous cells and reinforces the wellness levels.

One symptom of a compromised immune system is hypothermia or low body temperature.

This is caused by poor constriction of the blood vessels, which results in poor circulation.

This can frequently be attributed to excessive stress.

When hypothermia is present, enzymatic activity is reduced. This allows cancer cells to proliferate.

He explains that when the temperature of the body is increased by as little as one degree, immunity is increased by as much as forty percent.

Raising the temperature to 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit may potentially kill cancer cells.

A temperature between 104 and 109.4 degrees can reduce or eliminate viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells.

A decrease in body temperature of as little as one degree has the opposite effect of an increase in temperature.

Enzyme activity will decline by half, metabolism will decline by twelve percent, and immune system effectiveness decreases by nearly forty percent.

Dr. Yoshimizu’s main criticism with standard Western cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and prescription medications is that they simultaneously depend upon and attack the immune system of the patient.

Chemotherapy does weaken and damage cancer cells, but it also does the same to healthy cells.

This is why the use of thermotherapy is an enticing supplement. It increases the effectiveness of the chemotherapy while counteracting some of its negative effects.

Healthy body cells are not damaged or killed by temperatures of 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit; however, cancer cells are. In fact, they are quite compromised at temperatures as low as 107.6 degrees.

Cancer cells are susceptible to thermotherapy because they are in a severely acidic state due to having very low blood flow.

Dr. Yoshimizu’s ultimate conclusion was that far infrared heating mats are very effective in heating the body, strengthening the immune system, and weakening cancer cells.

He says that the most effective way to use a far infrared heating mat is to heat the tumor mass to 158 degrees Fahrenheit for forty minutes to an hour at least once daily.


A Study on the Suppression of Proliferation of Cancer Cell Growth

Dr. Yoshimizu may have been one of the earlier researchers into the benefits of heat therapy for cancer, but since then there has been more studies and findings to support his claims.

In 2007, a study was published in the journal Springer’s Medical Oncology section.

The study was to determine the effects of far infrared radiation on five different lines of cancer.

The cancer cells they were testing originated from A431 (vulva) cells, HSC3 (tongue) cells, Sa3 (gingival) cells, A549 (lung) cells, and MCF7 (breast) cells.

After four days of testing, it was determined that there were varying response levels for each of the different cancer cells.

Tongue, gingival, and lung all experienced a proliferation suppression of 45.75%, 74.63%, and 65.79% respectively.

Unfortunately, there were noticeable differences in the levels for the other two variations of cancer.

This prompted two immediate ideas. The first, far infrared is beneficial for managing some forms of cancer.

Second, what about the other forms made it less effective?

After testing, they determined that the cancer variations with higher levels of the HSPC70 protein correlated to being less responsive to FIR treatment.

They supposed that this could be used as an indicator of the effectiveness far infrared therapy would have on specific patients.

In conclusion, they were very excited about the potential that far infrared heat therapy could have in the management of some forms of cancer.


According to the American Cancer Society

Intense heat affects the individual cells and in some cases makes them more responsive to other forms of therapy such as chemotherapy.

This means that heat therapy is something that can be approached as therapy by itself or in collaboration with other medical practices.

In some cases, extreme heat can affect cancerous cells, but at the same time, it can be harmful to normal cells.

It is important to consult a medical professional before proceeding in cases like this.

There are three different kinds of heat therapy for cancer symptom management: local, regional, and whole body.

With local therapy, focused heat is applied to small injured areas such as a tumor.

The longer and hotter the exposure to the heat is, the better results it will yield.

Regional therapy is used by targeting larger areas such as limbs or organs.

The heat is less intense and is typically used to support and improve other forms of therapy.

Whole body therapy is a way of heating the entire body at once with instances of cancer that have already spread or metastasized.

Almost always this will be used in conjunction with chemotherapy to experience improved responses to it.

This form of heat therapy is most closely related to the traditional infrared mats offered by HealthyLine.

Our full body mats provide intense and constant heat ranging from 86-158 degrees Fahrenheit. At these temperatures, cancer cells can be affected without risking damage to normal cells.



Whether he initially knew it or not, Dr. Yoshimizu was apparently on to something from the beginning of his efforts years ago.

His belief in heat therapy as an alternative approach to cancer may have been a driving force of some kind for the cause.

Far infrared is a rapidly growing form of therapy still to this day.

Its applications continue to rise, as well as the effectiveness in which we can apply it.

When it comes to receiving cancer therapy there is almost always an exponentially high dollar amount to follow.

HealthyLine offers far infrared mats that are not only a product physically beneficial for you but also financially beneficial compared to other forms of treatment by far.

The average cost of chemotherapy for just the initial treatment is on average $10,000.

A HealthyLine mat on average only costs $1,200.

Even as a supplement to other more expensive forms of therapy, the Inframat Pro is worth it just to improve receptiveness to therapies you have invested so heavily in already.

Far infrared heat therapy can be an essential tool for improving the quality of your wellness in a monumental and lasting way.

In terms of cancer treatment, the research has just recently begun to get past the surface, but so far what they have gleaned from below is very promising.

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