Holiday Gift Guide 2020

We all have someone in our life that suffers from chronic pain. The new HealthyLine portable collection consists of seven models (hand, foot, knee, neck, shoulder, belt, and flat heat wraps) specifically designed with target pain points in mind. Not only do these products get directly to the root of pain, but they’re cordless, meaning you can use them anywhere!

For anyone that needs all-over pain relief, the TAJ 7224 is the best of the best. This mat combines far infrared heat from tourmaline, amethyst and jade with pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to increase circulation, provide temporary pain relief, and relax muscles and joints.

Out best-selling TAO 1818 is the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list. This model, featuring crushed gemstones and far infrared heat therapy, places an emphasis on comfort during the user experience and is small enough to travel with you wherever you go!

When we say bedding with benefits, we really mean it! For the restless sleeper, the Magnetic Energy Comforter is the perfect gift this holiday season. Magnets and tourmaline combine to increase energy and provide temporary pain relief. Just one night under this duvet will have you feeling like a brand new you.

Want to introduce a friend or loved one to the power of gemstones and magnets? Our tungsten, stainless steel, ceramic, or titanium bracelets are the perfect starter gift to demonstrate the natural benefits of HealthyLine’s products. With tons of styles to choose from, there is bound to be an option for anyone on your holiday list.

Whether it’s planes, trains, or cars, the HealthyLine travel pillow is the perfect companion for the person in your life who is always on-the-go. This lightweight and portable pillow, which contains magnets and crushed amethyst and jade, combines with your body’s natural heat to relax your mind and body.

Do you know someone that’s always complaining that their office chair hurts their back? The TAJ Chair mat is the perfect companion to your office chair. Prevent minor aches and pains during long days in the office or use it at night when you’re catching up on your favorite TV shows.

Jade and tourmaline combine in this best-selling mat to provide all-over relief, making it the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Use it comfortably on the bed, sofa, floor or recliner to help boost your circulatory system and improve overall wellness.

Bring the spa treatment with you with the SOFT 3220. This mat is lightweight, portable, and flexible enough to roll-up and store between uses. Reenergize your body and reduce minor pain, discomfort and swelling with the mat the goes to extra mile for your wellness and comfort.

We can’t forget about our furry friends this holiday season! HealthyLine took their regular mats, which pets were loving, and made sure they were safe for your animals. This bite and claw-proof, waterproof mats provide pain and muscle relief to pets. So, whether your pet is older and needs joint relief or is just looking for a warm cozy spot for a nap, this mat is the perfect way to spoil them.