Visit our Midtown Wellness Room to receive a FREE pain-relieving and energy enhancing experience with far infrared and pulsed magnetic therapies, or a personal detox session. Improve your health and wellness in just 20 minutes! Come in today and receive a $30 gift


Why Heated Gemstone Therapy?

Heated gemstone therapy has been shown to aid in overall health and wellness. When heated, gemstones absorb regular heat and convert it into far-infrared rays that can penetrate muscles, tissues, and joints. These rays can temporarily relieve minor muscle pain and tension, as well as joint pain associated with arthritis. FIR has many benefits; find out how it can benefit you by coming to our wellness room today.

Experience the therapeutic power of our heated gemstone therapy mat, the Inframat Pro, is our specialty wellness device designed to optimize your wellbeing.

Book a session in our meditative spa and wellness room to find relaxation and help eliminate muscle and joint pain. We promise you’ll leave with a sense of relief. Come in today and receive a $30 gift completely free. *Due to the Coronavirus, all sessions have been temporarily canceled

Our mats
help thousands
of people:

  • Improve their sleep
  • Assist their metabolism
  • Purify negative energy
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve pain and inflammation
  • Balances and cleanse their chakras
  • Improve relaxation and decrease stress
  • Detoxify their body’s of toxins and metals
  • Accelerate recovery after workout or injury
  • Improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being


Pain and Stress
Management Session

  • Promotes fast recovery
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves overall well-being
  • Provides deep muscle relaxation
  • Alleviates pain and muscle tension

Chakra Balancing &
Cleansing Session

  • Balances chakras
  • Cleanses negative energy
  • Restores clarity to the 7 chakra points
  • Improves physical, mental, and spiritual wellness

Immersive Full Body
Detoxification Session

  • Alleviates pain
  • Promotes recuperation
  • Relaxes muscles and the mind
  • Provides far-infrared sauna experience
  • Facilitates detoxification on a cellular level


On the HealthyLine FIR and PEMF Inframat Pro
pemf fir ions gemstones
  • 1 session for $40
  • • 3 sessions for $120
  • • 10 sessions for $350

With the 20-minute Pain and Stress Management Session at our wellness room in Midtown Manhattan, you can experience the relaxing and soothing benefits of our patented heated gemstone mat. As the gemstones heat up, they release negative ions and far-infrared rays, which can boost your energy and improve your overall wellness. Taking advantage of our Inframat Pro’s optional PEMF setting, you can improve immunity and enhance cellular detoxification, which leaves you feeling restored and refreshed. Experience the benefits of our heated gemstone mats to improve your overall wellness. *Due to the Coronavirus, all sessions have been temporarily canceled


On the HealthyLine Chakra Inframat Pro
pemf fir ions gemstones
  • 1 session for $50
  • • 3 sessions for $135
  • • 10 sessions for $400

Discover inner peace with the Chakra Inframat Pro. Designed to deliver you peaceful energy, the Chakra Inframat Pro possesses 7 gemstones that distribute energy to each of your body’s chakra points, producing deep penetrating far-infrared rays and negative ions to cleanse and restore your energy. Utilize the optional PEMF setting to provide improved physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Reenergize with this invigorating Chakra balancing session. *Due to the Coronavirus, all sessions have been temporarily canceled


In the HealthyLine Cocoon Inframat Pro
pemf fir ions gemstones
  • 1 session for $80
  • • 3 sessions for $225
  • • 10 sessions for $700

Rest inside your own personal cocoon. Our far-infrared sauna is designed like a cocoon to boost your body’s natural ability to detox. Each cocoon has 30+ pounds of gemstones that, when heated, emit far-infrared rays and negative ions to aid in the reduction of inflammation and help improve circulation. PEMF and photon lights within the Cocoon Inframat Pro boost the body’s natural ability to detoxify and rejuvenate cells. Discover muscle relaxation, chronic pain reduction, and energy restoration with an innovative spa session in the Cocoon Inframat Pro. This immersive experience is one of the most advanced and beloved far-infrared therapy treatments in New York City! *Due to the Coronavirus, all sessions have been temporarily canceled


1 Pain and Stress Management Session
1 Chakra Balancing & Cleansing Session
1 Immersive Full Body Detoxification Session
  • 3 total sessions for $140

Can’t decide which option to choose? Get a taste of all three! With the Able Package for three 20-Minute Sessions, enjoy all three wellness experiences. Try the Pain and Stress Management Session: feel far-infrared rays boost your energy; experience the Chakra Balancing and Cleansing Session: explore far-infrared relaxation with enhanced detoxification; discover the Immersive Full Body Detoxification Session: cleanse your mind, body, and soul. This is the perfect starter kit to find the most suitable option for you. *Due to the Coronavirus, all sessions have been temporarily canceled


Since 2013, HealthyLine has been the leading innovator in gemstone heat therapy. Based in New York, our wellness products blend natural materials and various technologies, such as far-infrared therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, negative ion therapy, photon light therapy, and magnetic therapy to create high-level heating mats and accessories produced for health and wellness.

At our wellness room in our flagship location in Manhattan, we provide you with much-needed relaxation. With a combination of hot gemstone, far-infrared, PEMF, negative ion, and photon light therapy, our specially patented Inframat Pro will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit with amethyst, tourmaline, jade, and other natural gemstones. 

Our highly-trained staff will be there every step of the way to assist you and answer any questions.


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Our therapies work to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit, promoting cellular health, energy restoration, and overall well-being. Visit our wellness room to experience a relaxing session! *Due to the Coronavirus, all sessions have been temporarily canceled


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