As part of an initiative to become a contributing member of the health and wellness community, HealthyLine has set a schedule to attend various expos around the country. These expos are an opportunity to showcase both our knowledge and technology as well as to learn from so many others following their passion in the same field. So far, we have attended a few and the response and connections we have made have been thrilling. We will continue to spread the awareness of our products and those of our new colleagues in hopes of reaching as many people in need of help as we can. We believe these expos are a great way to grow our network and share the excitement of better wellness with a larger body of people. On this page, you will find some snapshots and exciting details of the shows we have already attended. You can also find a schedule of future shows to come. If you decide to attend any of these shows, you will be able to connect with us, try our products, and even have some fun while you are at!

MindBody Conference

August 13, 2018

Packed to the brim with guest speakers, experts, and newcomers to the health and wellness industry, no one leaves here without learning something life-changing. The goal of the BOLD conference is to create an environment for all to share the latest trends and best practices for bettering lives — a mission statement that perfectly aligns with HealthyLine’s core values. We were inspired by the words of the former first lady, Michelle Obama and tennis legend, Billie Jean King. Everyone had special insights to impart that we took home with us. We made new connections, experienced a new form of yoga, and discovered new things about ourselves. You can definitely expect to see us there in 2019 — hopefully, you will join us.

ISPA 2018

September 23, 2018

It goes without saying that HealthyLine can’t miss THE number one spa event of the year. The iSpa conference is a gathering of over 260 spa industry professionals and service providers. Our primary reason for attending was to showcase our newest line of products — the Cocoon Series, an all-encompassing far infrared experience for spa professionals and amateurs alike. It was a hit. All weekend long we had a line of people waiting to try it, many of whom ordered it for themselves or their business on the spot. We made a lot of new connections in the industry and gained great insights to improve our products according to the demands of those that would be directly using them. We will never miss an iSpa conference, that is for sure.