How Infrared Therapy Can Help You Lose Weight

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The word metabolism is usually associated with losing weight.

It refers to how efficiently and fast your body is able to burn calories so that you can shed excess pounds.

Your metabolism, in reality, is a much more complex process than that.

Metabolism is made of up of thousands of various biochemical reactions that are essential for human wellness.

It involves either utilizing energy for creating new matter (for example, cells, organ tissue, nails, skin, hair) or breaking down matter for deriving energy.

Metabolic functions rely on the organs functioning properly. Our metabolic rate is primarily determined by hormones.

Our endocrine organs like the adrenals, thyroid, and pancreas secrete them.

The following are some ways that the organs and their hormones affect metabolism:

  • Insulin resistance is a type of metabolic disorder. It is characterized by cells being unable to use sugar. It frequently gets worse and turns into diabetes, which is a chronic degenerative condition. A majority of individuals with diabetes or insulin resistance are overweight because their cells are not able to effectively metabolize fat and carbohydrates. When sugar isn’t used by the cells it becomes fat.
  • Of all the organs that are part of the endocrine system, it is the thyroid gland that is considered to be the master gland for regulating metabolism. Women often suffer from the common thyroid disorder called hypothyroidism, which may cause weight gain due to not enough T3 and T4 hormones being produced which control metabolism.
  • If chronic stress goes unmanaged, adrenal insufficiency can be the result. The adrenal cortex manufactures the hormone cortisol. The metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat are affected by cortisol. An individual who suffers from adrenal fatigue usually stores fat in their midsection.


Dr. George Grant, a former Health Canada consultant, conducted a recent study that found that when far infrared amethyst mats were used, that there was a group average reduction in cortisol levels from 16.7 to 12.5, which was a 25.15% reduction.

The subjects in the study were tested before using infrared amethyst mat and after using it for one hour each day for 3 months.

Blood cortisol levels and three different biofeedback devices were used for measuring stress reduction.

Stress was reduced by Negative Ions/Far Infrared Amethyst Mat by 78%.

Biofeedback Brain Scans before and after using infrared amethyst mat validated these results.

The results of the study were released in 2011.

There are other natural solutions for treating metabolic disorders besides supplementing, reducing stress levels, exercising and eating a nutrient-dense and balanced diet.

Far infrared heat therapy is a type of non-pharmacological intervention.

Each cell is penetrated with its long-wave rays.

This protocol is very potent and can reverse metabolic problems dramatically and very quickly.

Far infrared heat can detoxify and revitalize different organ systems.

It activates and supports the natural healing powers of the body. Infrared amethyst mat, in terms of delivering heat, provides high quality and really stands out.

It is a well-recognized wellness option and delivers the benefits of negative ions as well as far infrared heat therapy.

Detoxification is triggered by negative ions by attracting positive ions. Sick bodies always have excess amounts of them.

Another thing they are responsible for is the cellular rejuvenation, which results in more efficient metabolism.

Far infrared amethyst mats generate deep penetrating heat which burns calories as you are lying on top of the device.

What is really impressive is that FIR heat stimulates your body also to keep burning calories after you have finished using the mat.

This is due to the fact that the physiological changes affected by FIR are quite profound causing them to work overtime.

Being exposed to far infrared heat frequently also causes higher energy levels which can supplement weight loss efforts.

A metabolic disorder’s worst symptom usually isn’t weight gain. Medical practitioners usually focus more on potentially life-threatening and serious symptoms.

What is amazing about the ability of FIR to normalize organ functioning with every infrared amethyst mat session is that other problems that relate to the hormonal imbalances and organ dysfunctions mentioned above might also improve.

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