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Breathing fresh clean air is one of the most vital necessities on the top of anyone’s list.

An environment that lacks pure clean air is one that promotes sickness.

People suffering from an illness like diabetes, asthma, or allergies are especially prone to aggravated wellness conditions and would do well to be supplied with clean air consistently.

In such a scenario, an FIR Mat can be a major asset to the continued well-being of people already suffering.

If you work away from your home it is important to consider the air you breathe for the majority of the day — the air at work.

People can spend a third of their life at work, on average, and the air they breathe on the job can impact their wellness levels.

Recent technological breakthroughs have established a link between air quality, in terms of cleanliness, and negative ions.

FIR Mats provide these negative ions that have air cleaning capabilities providing an environment conducive to better wellness.

Studies have shown that there are both positively and negatively charged ions in the atmosphere and the air that we breathe.

Quantities and intensities are largely dependent on population, climate, region, or industrialization.

A Negative ion is another word for a negatively charged ion. They can be found everywhere in nature.

When it comes to the cleanliness of the air around us, negative ions work to keep the air fresh and clean.

Positive ions are not so beneficial and have been found harmful to the human, plant and animal life.

FIR Mat apparatus helps to reduce the number of positive ions in the area and allow negative ions to flourish.

Nature produces negative ions organically to purify the air, and an ionizer can produce the same effect.

This can be especially applicable to places that require sanitized air like nursing homes, hospitals, and laboratories.

According to scientific reports the optimal ion levels for a proper living environment is somewhere between 2,000 and 4,000 negative ions in each cubic cm.

This ratio is very similar to the kind of fresh air you experience at the edge of a mountain lake or ambling through the pine trails of Yosemite park; a freshness and cleanliness so pungent it is almost tangible.


FIR Mats Promote Better Wellness

In order to best maintain the ideal ratio of negative ions in per centimeter cubed, an FIR Mat has the solution.

Using the cutting-edge technologies of an FIR Mat device, the atmosphere in your home, clinic, or office will be constantly crisp and clean.

Using an FIR mat as an air ionizer does wonders for fortifying your wellness and improving the way you feel each day.

When in use, the FIR Mat should be operated where you sit or sleep, keeping the air surrounding you purified.

Some FIR Mats are portable enough to carry between home and work.

To benefit from all the advantages of clean ionized air you only need to operate your mat in close proximity.

One other benefit of clean air I almost forgot to mention is how much it can do to improve the mood of those around.

Face it, being cooped up in an office is depressing, which is why we feel so good when we get outside.

Well, bring that feeling inside! With an FIR Mat, you don’t have to wait till quitting time to breathe easy.

FIR Mats have the unique ability to keep the quality of the air you and your loved ones breathe clean and fresh, not only creating a pleasant atmosphere but also improving the wellness of those in the vicinity.

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