Nerve damage can be a serious problem if left unchecked. Can PEMF therapy help?

When nerve damage occurs, it can impact your body in a variety of negative ways. Medical professionals take nerve damage very seriously as it can lead to you incorrectly feeling external stimuli or not feeling them at all. If you can’t properly make out certain feelings, like temperature or pain, you can inadvertently put yourself in danger of further harm. 

With nerves being so important to our overall health and wellness, the ability to repair damaged nerves (and possibly get back some nerve functionality) would be massively helpful to those suffering from nerve damage. Here we will expound on the usefulness of PEMF therapy in relation to nerve damage.

Why are Nerves Important?

Nerves run through most of our body and have a part in almost everything we do.

Our nervous system runs throughout our entire body, contributing to multiple aspects of our lives. Most people know that correctly working nerves allow us the ability to feel things and interpret sensations. Without this, we wouldn’t know if we were too hot, too cold, or in pain.

Another function that nerves fulfill in the body is through bodily automation. Automatic functions in the body have a set of nerves dedicated to involuntary actions like heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and more. 

Lastly, motor nerves are what help us move. These nerves work by relaying information between your brain, your spinal cord, and your muscles. 

Nerves are interconnected with all of our daily functions, so much so that if they don’t work properly the human body could suffer from a wide range of negative health and wellness effects. 

What are the Issues Associated with Nerve Damage?

Nerve damage could result in you losing feeling in an extremity or the ability to control it.

Having damaged nerves can lead to many other problems within the human body. Damaged sensory nerves can result in unexpected bouts of pain and over-sensitivity, numbness, burning, or prickly sensations. Damage to motor nerves can result in general weakness, atrophy of the muscles, involuntary twitching, or even full blown paralysis. Damaged autonomic nerves can result in dry mouth and eyes, problems with your bladder, sexual dysfunction, lightheadedness, or even the inability to sense chest pain or heart attacks.

How Do Nerves Get Damaged?

Nerve damage can occur at any time and for a number of reasons. Some might include strenuous activity while others might include illness or lifestyle choices in poor health

Nerve damage can happen for various reasons. The different types of nerve damage number over 100. In fact, the causes of nerve damage can be as varied as the types of nerve damage in existence. A few of the causes for damaged nerves can be linked to cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, infectious disease, or nutritional deficiencies.

Nerve damage, also known as neuropathy, is typically more common as we get older. In some instances it can be hard to identify nerve damage as it might not produce strong enough adverse effects within the body. Unless an ongoing issue is present, it can be hard to recognize when something has gone wrong with your nervous system until it becomes a serious problem.

How to Treat for Damaged Nerves

Treating for damaged nerves requires treatment for the underlying cause of the nerve damage 

Treating damaged nerves almost exclusively focuses on the underlying issue that caused the nerve damage in the first place. For example, nerve damage created from diabetes can be handled through properly adjusting your sugar levels. In some instances nerve damage can be brought on by certain medications, in which case a simple change (or stoppage) of medication can help to alleviate any nerve issues. Physical therapy can help to address damaged nerves or any incident that may have caused damaged nerves.

When treating for nerve pain resulting from nerve damage, doctors may end up prescribing pain relief medications. Some medications may be prescribed to help deal with other issues stemming from nerve damage. Anti-seizure medications can help to counteract involuntary muscle spasms. Nerve issues brought on by autoimmune disorders can be offset by the proper medications.

Alternate forms of treatments can also be administered. Some treatments include hypnotism, acupuncture, and meditation. But another effective way to help alleviate pain from nerve damage is through the use of pulsed electromagnetic field (or PEMF) therapy. By directing fields of electromagnetism periodically into the body, PEMF therapy can help to remove pain during a therapeutic session through the manipulation of cells in the affected area. PEMF therapy improves the body’s natural ability to heal by stimulating cells to promote healing. Studies have shown that continual PEMF therapy treatments have the effect of lessening the amount of pain endured from nerve damage through the recharging of damaged cells in the afflicted area. Other studies have even demonstrated PEMF’s potential ability to help with  nerve regeneration. While this may not produce a direct solution to the underlying issue, it can certainly help to alleviate nerve pain while your body works to reverse the issue that brought on nerve damage to begin with.

What Devices Provide PEMF for Nerve Damage

The TAJ-Mat™ Extra Large 8040 Firm - Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro® is an excellent source of PEMF therapy from the comfort of your own home


PEMF devices can be used to help combat the effects that nerve damage can have on the body. People who have suffered pain from nerve damage, after receiving multiple bouts of PEMF therapy over the course of the study, reported a noticeable reduction in the amount of pain they felt in their feet. Having a PEMF device can do wonders for nerve damage pain management.

In order to manage pain from nerve damage at home, a HealthyLine PEMF mat would be able to provide heightened levels of wellness from the comfort of your own home. The TAJ-Mat™ Extra Large 8040 Firm – Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro® is a large, spacious mat that provides full body PEMF saturation during use. The benefit of using this particular mat is that there are four extra natural therapies that will also provide additional assets for your body. 

Heated stone therapy provides a soothing sensation of warmth to help ease muscle pain. Negative ion therapy grants an increase to mood and an overall feeling of wellness. Photon light therapy has the potential to enhance the body’s natural method of healing. Lastly, far infrared therapy has the ability to assist in alleviating minor aches and pains deep within the body.

PEMF for nerve damage can at least provide some form of relief, but it helps to have the other therapies available in the TAJ Mat to help. While PEMF therapy is a powerful form of relief on its own, when coupled together with other naturally occurring therapies the benefits to your wellness rise exponentially. 

In Conclusion

Nerves are a vital aspect of our overall health and wellness. If one thing happens to our nerves, a cascade of issues could result, changing our mobility and our perception of pain. Therefore, our nerve health is extremely important. Damaged nerves can present serious problems, but pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has shown promising results in both handling nerve pain and nerve damage.

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