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Facts About Far Infrared Therapy

Our bodies are often a center of toxic waste. There are many toxins the body is just unable to easily get rid of quickly and they, therefore, lead to illness and a host of chronic conditions. Here we will look at some of the facts surrounding a process known as Far Infrared. Some studies and ...

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How HealthyLine FIR Mats Work

    The technology that forms the basis for FIR Mats is nowhere near new ideas. In actuality, some of the concepts that form the underlying foundation have been around for a thousand years or more, while others are more modern ideas from the realms of modern medicine. Recently, however, far infrared as well as ...

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What is amethyst used for other than jewelry?

  Amethyst has surprising abilities, including transforming low energy into higher energy. It promotes wellness in the body, mind, and spirit. Simultaneously, because amethyst is a type of quartz, it instantaneously doubles the area occupied by a person’s biomagnetic field. For this reason, people usually say they feel much more energized just from coming into ...

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