Benefits of Infra-Red Heating Mats

As human being, we live our life with all kinds of routine, from a casual routine at home, a hectic routine at work, a spontaneous routine in your bucket list, to an adventurous routine around the world. After every routine, we need a good sleep to recharge our energy. However, why get a good sleep when you can get a good healthy sleep that your body needs? Not just to recharge your body but also to rejuvenate your body and soul from the fatigue, stress, pain, and even toxic. Healthy Line provides you Far Infrared Mats to help you getting the sleep that you need.

What is Far Infrared Mats?

The surface of Far Infrared Mats is covered entirely by rows of amethyst crystal gemstone. It produces far infrared rays (FIR) of light that penetrate deeply into your body as its most vital and essential function. Those rays of light warm your entire body cells and tissues. This kind of warmth is different from what your body gets from other heat radiations. It is far more soothing and gentle. However, you can also set the temperature into a more powerful one. There is no need to worry about being burnt, as this high quality amethyst crystal gemstone mat product will never get too hot to touch.

How does Far Infrared Radiation work?

The amethyst crystal gemstone that covers the mats’ surface produces small detectable magnetic fields. Your body is also a magnetic field. So, both react with one another. Amethyst crystal gemstone converts electricity through a computerized control panel, then it produces Far Infrared Rays (FIR) into your body. It is invisible. It was first discovered by NASA. They have scientifically proven that Far Infrared Rays is the safest and most beneficial light wave. It has been shown to destroy cancer and viral cells without creating any harm to the surrounding healthy cells. It stimulates healing and regenerating nerves and muscle tissue layers by penetrating six to eight inches into the innermost recesses throughout your body. The amethyst crystal gemstone emits negative ions which give strength and energy to the entire human body.

What is amethyst crystal gemstone itself?

As one of the well-known minerals and gemstones, amethyst is the most valuable one. It is the rarest variety of mineral Quartz. It usually appears purple but this ranges in shade from dark purple to lilac to lavender. The best amethyst crystal gemstone is a medium dark purple with bits of rose coloring. The name amethyst itself came from “amethystos” or “not drunken” in Greek. Its antiquity was to cure drunkenness.

The heat comes from the negative ions produced by the amethyst crystal gemstone. It is a natural energizer also an allergy, migraine, and sinus alleviant. Amethyst crystal gemstone delivers a molecular level massage, which really helps the healing and cleansing by rapidly accelerate and deepen the process. It is also known as “Master Power Switch” due to its ability to activate the body’s entire cellular communication system. It will turn up the switch to make your body functions better.

Besides those, amethyst crystal gemstone also have more essential benefits; relieving stress and anxiety also chronic and acute pain, maintaining general health, detoxification, supporting core body temperature, improving body circulation, optimizing lymphatic drainage, curing persistent infection such as Lyme disease and parasites.

Why is Healthy Line Far Infrared Mat good for you?

Healthy Line combines the essential benefit of amethyst crystal gemstone with the infrared radiation generated by the amethyst crystal gemstone. This combination gives a unique therapy for your body. It improves your body’s circulation and cardiovascular functions, it also improves your immune system function, it relieves pains, it burns calories and controls your weight, it eases joint pain and stiffness, it reduces stress and fatigue, it improves your skin’s health, and it removes toxic from your body.
Amethyst crystal gemstone is known by its benefit as the following:

• Nature’s super conductor:

It has been scientifically proven that amethyst crystal gemstone gives the most powerful and steady Far Infrared light waves with the highest vibration frequencies into our body.

• Powerful detoxifier

As it is named from the Greek word of “not drunken”, amethyst crystal gemstone has been used to release addictive matter such as alcohol from our body. Drug substance abuse and toxic residues are also included.

• Best therapy device

Amethyst crystal gemstone’s vital benefits in therapy are: relieving pain and joint stiffness; reducing stress, distress, fatigue, and depression; increasing blood circulation; boosting immune system; decreasing the brain’s hyperactivity; burning calories and controlling weight; strengthening the cardiovascular system; removing waste and toxins; rejuvenating skin and cellular function; boosting energy and vitality of our body, mind, and soul; inducing deep Delta State of relaxation and sleep; and regulating psychological well-being.

Who have been using Far Infrared mats?

Professional spa and physical therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists all over the world have been using the technology of Healthy Line Far Infrared mats to give the best benefit to their clients. Microsoft placed them in their office building for their employees to use.

Pope Benedict XVI gave an honorably blessing for amethyst crystal gemstone and Far Infrared mats in addition to an official conjunction with United Nation (UN) to help people who are getting through therapy in their life.
In 2010, Swedish Royal Academy was nominated for the Nobel Prize for its Far Infrared mats technology as the best Medical Device.

Why should you get your own Healthy Line Far Infrared mats now?

Amethyst crystal gemstone, as other crystals, has two functions. They are generating infrared radiation and emitting negative ion. Each has their own unique benefits.

In general, Far Infrared radiation has eight benefits:

1. Promote cell-growth; increasing infrared radiation into your body, your energy to grow and re-grow cell with also increase.

2. Support sleep; amethyst crystal gemstone emits heat that helps you calm your body. A relaxed and calm body will fall asleep easily and much better.

3. Enhance blood circulation; works as a nature’s best conductor, amethyst crystal gemstone effects the speed of blood circulation.

4. Improve bodily fluids circulation; far infrared radiation increases your blood vessels flexibility. Hence, the blood cells circulate better.

5. Boost people’s mood; just like how it helps you sleep, far infrared radiation helps you calm your body and eases your mood.

6. Increase anti-oxidant activity; how this mechanism works actually still have not been figured out yet. However, through many scientific experiments, this has been proven.

7. Heal wounds; the same thing goes like in its function of cell-growth, far infrared radiation helps your body cells to re-grow and get the nutrient to repair themselves.

8. Fight bacteria; the unique heat produced by far infrared radiation helps inhibiting bacterial growth by inhibiting the enzymes of their growth.


As for Negative Ion Emission, there are three main health benefits:

1. Remove toxic particles; by attracting toxic particles, negative ions emission help drawing out many of them from your body no matter what size they are.

2. Enhance respiration; same goes with removing toxic particles, negative ions emission help your respiration by removing bad particles from your lung.

3. Remove aerosol; not just from our body, negative ions emission can remove bad or dangerous chemical from the air.


Healthy Line Far Infrared Mats give you a full body treatment. Each of them uses special and unique amethyst crystal gemstone well-crafted all over the mats surface. Not like other electric pads or mattresses, this mats reduce 60% (or even more) of electrical consumption. Not just body system health, it also improves your mental health. If you do the treatment repeatedly for a week or so, it will reduce your stress and anxiety substantially.
In developing this technology, science and medicine were merged together. This is a state-of-the-art light technology. It reserves degenerative disease cycles backward. It speeds cellular renewal process forward. It has been proven to help any post-traumatic and surgical healing process up to 60% faster.

It was tested to human body. It was found that its healing power was so profound. It can help healthy, elderly, disabled, young adults, children or anyone of any age who have problems with pain and who want to relieve all of their stress. The Far Infrared Mats even work on your pets such as dogs and cats. After using the mats for only 15 to 20 minutes, they woke up revived, fresh, and energized.

Far Infrared Mats is highly recommended, whether it is for professional use or home use, with the whole-body in nature goals of treatment. Healthy Line provides a great quality product with a more reasonable price. Starting with only $300, you can have the miraculous medical device.