Health Benefits of Amethyst Stones

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a semi-precious variety of the mineral quartz, well-known for its beauty and striking purple color.  While the gemstone is found around the world, it is most common in Brazil, Uruguay, and Zambia, where it is carefully extracted by hand from underground geodes.

Amethyst Small 1Amethyst has long been considered a powerful therapeutic tool. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore the stone to ward off intoxication and maintain clarity of mind, and the ancient Egyptians carved amethyst stones into amulets to protect themselves from harm.  Early Christians, who considered the gemstone a symbol of purity and spirituality, used amethyst as a healing aid.

Amethyst stones feature in countless ancient legends and stories from around the world. Most of these tales share a main theme: the mental, physical, and spiritual balancing effects of amethyst.

How does amethyst produce these effects? Through two natural processes: negative ion emission and far-infrared radiation. Let’s take a closer look at both of these processes to better understand amethyst’s power.

Ions are simply molecules with a positive or negative electrical charge.  Negative ions are created naturally all around us every time a molecule breaks apart, typically due to sunlight, radiation, moving air or water. In natural environments like the beach, the forest, or the mountains, we are surrounded by these negative ions. We often feel the effects of those negative ions immediately, by way of improved mood or increased energy after spending time in nature.  (1)

When heated, amethyst naturally emits negative ions. Negative ions remove toxins from the body and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the bloodstream, resulting in numerous health benefits.  Through exposure to heated amethyst on a HealthyLine mat, we increase the negative ions in our bodies and improve the overall functioning of our cells and organs.

Amethyst Small 2Amethyst’s emission of far-infrared rays intensifies its benefits. Far-infrared rays produce the “warm energy” that exists in all living things.  On a sunny day, we can feel far-infrared rays in the form of deep, internal warmth. Far-infrared radiation has powerful positive effects on human health; when combined with amethyst, its effects are even more significant. This is because amethyst naturally produces far-infrared light. Thus, when heated, amethyst generates steady, deep-penetrating infrared radiation.

When a HealthyLine mat crafted with amethyst is heated, the stones are stimulated, producing invisible light waves that can travel as far as six inches into the body.  This deep penetration enables the infrared rays to come into contact with deep tissue, alleviating pain and relieving common chronic symptoms.

Amethyst is a safe, non-pharmaceutical aid that provides natural relief. Below, you will find more details on just some of the benefits of amethyst:

  • How to Improve blood circulation

    Improves Blood Circulation

    Good blood circulation is essential to the functioning of every part of the body. Heated amethyst improves circulation so that essential oxygen and nutrients can be delivered more efficiently to our organs. In combination with far-infrared radiation, the body temperature rises, which expands blood vessels and increases blood flow and volume, leading to improved circulation and overall heart function.

  • Detox

    Detoxifies the Body

    Amethyst-enhanced far-infrared radiation has powerful detoxifying effects. When we are exposed to environmental toxins, our bodies absorb dangerous substances, from aluminum and mercury to alcohol and nicotine. Far-infrared radiation breaks up the molecules that trap those toxins, thus enabling our bodies to release them. When combined with amethyst, the far-infrared radiation is able to penetrate the body more deeply. In addition, recent research from the University of Cincinnati suggests that negative ions attract toxic particles. The negative ions emitted by amethysts can draw these toxins out of the body. By enhancing FIR with amethyst stones, detoxification is even more effective. (2)

  • Improves Sleep Quality

    When we struggle to fall or stay asleep, our physical health deteriorates. Without the proper amount of sleep, our bodies cannot execute the essential processes that heal wounds, retain memories, prevent sickness, and more. The levels of FIR emitted by amethyst have a calming effect on the body, which promotes restful sleep. The far-infrared waves soften the muscles and release pent-up tension for more peaceful sleep. Researchers in Japan found that far-infrared therapy can positively modulate the sleeping patterns of insomniacs. Amethyst-enhanced FIR may be particularly effective for patients struggling with poor sleep quality. (3)

  • amethyst boosts Cell Regeneration

    Boosts Cell Regeneration

    Far-infrared radiation increases energy in the body at a cellular level. When the body has more energy, cells can grow more efficiently. A study published in the International Journal of Biometeorology concluded that far-infrared therapy increases the temperature of body tissue, resulting in growth-promoting effects.  When far-infrared radiation is enhanced with amethyst, the amethyst’s negative ion emission triggers additional cell regeneration. (4)

  • Promotes-Relaxation-and-Improved-Mood

    Promotes Mental Well-Being and Relaxation

    Far-infrared radiation relaxes the body with its penetrative heat.  Far-infrared heat warms the tissues and muscles deep inside the body, releasing tension and producing an intensely calming effect. A recent study found that patients who slept with an FIR-emitting disc experienced an overall increase in satisfaction, as compared to those who slept without the disc. These positive mental effects are enhanced by amethyst. Amethyst emits a low heat that produces a calming sensation. Meditating with amethyst provides heightened feelings of well-being and reduced symptoms of anxiety. (6)

  • Immune-System

    Supports Immune System Strength

    Amethyst’s cleansing properties support a healthy immune system. As heated amethyst detoxifies the body, the organs receive more oxygen and nutrients. Far-infrared rays provide a form of “deep heat” that further strengthens the immune system.  This process enables the body to ward off illness more effectively, preventing the onset of disease.

  • Supports Wound Healing

    When heated, amethyst emits negative ions that revitalize the cells and promote wound healing. Amethyst-enhanced far-infrared radiation increases circulation. When blood circulates through the body effectively, cells receive the nutrients they need to repair themselves more quickly.  While relevant for anyone who has ever suffered from an injury, this effect has especially positive implications for anyone dealing with skin or tissue damage as a symptom of a chronic condition like diabetes.(7)

  • Reduces Addictive Behaviors

    For centuries, amethyst has been used to ward off addiction.  In fact, the word “amethyst” comes from the Greek word “amethystos,” which means “not intoxicate.”  By meditating with amethyst, you can begin to release negative emotions from your mind and body. This release helps you to fight off addictive behaviors and break free from negative, unhealthy patterns and actions.