90-Day Trial Period & 90-Day Price Guarantee


90-Day Trial Period

We are confident that you will love our products! That is why we offer our 90-Day Trial Period with any purchase of our heated gemstone devices, meaning you have 90 days to test, try, and experience the wonderful benefits of our unique products. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied within 90 days of delivery, you can send your product back to us, even though we fully expect you to love your product from the day it arrives. We are proud to say we have less than 1% returns within this 90-day trial period!

If you feel that your HealthyLine product doesn’t work for you, please be sure to contact us first. Sometimes we find that the product isn’t being used correctly to maximize its full benefits, and we can offer some advice to enhance your sessions. During this trial period, please do not damage or abuse the mat. Keep it in good condition, and always use the cover to protect the product. If you decide to return the product, it is required for you to return everything that came with the product.

Please note that we do not reimburse the original shipping costs you paid to receive the mat and you will be required to pay the return shipping cost – other than that you will receive full reimbursement!

For terms and conditions related to the 90-Day Free Trial Period, please refer to this page.

90-Day Price Guarantee

HealthyLine offers a 90-Day Price Guarantee for any heated gemstone device! Price adjustments can be made if an item is further reduced in price or goes on sale within 90 days of your purchase. So if you are waiting for a product to go on sale, you can purchase with confidence knowing that you can potentially be reimbursed should the same product go on sale. In this case, customers would receive a rebate equal to the difference between the purchase price and sale price.

Please note that customers are responsible to contact HealthyLine to receive the reimbursement; we will not reach out to you if the item goes on sale. So be sure to check after your purchase to see if you are eligible or sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with any sales!

HealthyLine Customer Support

(888) 774-4422